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29 Individuals with the ZANE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZANE, CatherineBET 1750 AND 177013 OCT 1851
ZANE, Charles B18771964
ZANE, Charles Leslie Sr19 Feb 193016 Nov 2003
ZANE, Ebenezer O.18231902
ZANE, Eliza BurtonBET 1800 AND 190011 JUL 1879
ZANE, ElizabethBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, Gary G.
ZANE, HannahBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, HesterBET 1800 AND 190017 APR 1852
ZANE, Infant186620 APR 1870
ZANE, IsaacBEF 1800
ZANE, IsaacBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, James C.ABT 18321 FEB 1870
ZANE, James C.18321 FEB 1870
ZANE, John WesleyBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, JohnathanBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, Leslie E6 Jun 19353 Nov 1991
ZANE, Marian1919Aug 1987
ZANE, Mark Leslie19 May 196116 Jul 1982
ZANE, Mary_FRANKLIN \ CeliaABT 1793AFT 1841
ZANE, NancyBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, NoahBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, Robert
ZANE, Robert
ZANE, Ruby19161991
ZANE, SarahBET 1800 AND 1900
ZANE, WilliamABT FEB 186620 APR 1870
ZANE, WilliamBET 1800 AND 1900

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