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29 Individuals with the ZAMANDA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZAMANDA, AntoninaAbt 175620 Dec 1791
ZAMANDA, Antonina24 Sep 1854
ZAMANDA, Antonina Caterina6 Nov 1792
ZAMANDA, AntoninoAbt 1804
ZAMANDA, Domenico22 Sep 183919 Dec 1848
ZAMANDA, Domenico18 Nov 1856
ZAMANDA, DomenicoAbt 177021 Oct 1841
ZAMANDA, DomenicoAbt 172119 Jan 1781
ZAMANDA, Domenico Giuseppe10 Aug 1795
ZAMANDA, FeliceAbt 1814
ZAMANDA, FeliceAbt 175322 Apr 1793
ZAMANDA, Felice14 Nov 1809
ZAMANDA, Gaspare18 Nov 185630 Sep 1857
ZAMANDA, GiuseppeAbt 177314 Jun 1813
ZAMANDA, Giuseppe25 Jul 183726 Jul 1837
ZAMANDA, Giuseppe24 May 1848
ZAMANDA, Margherita
ZAMANDA, Maria18 Apr 1841
ZAMANDA, MariaMay 18526 Jul 1852
ZAMANDA, NicolinaAbt 17925 Oct 1855
ZAMANDA, Nicolo'6 Feb 186011 Jan 1861
ZAMANDA, Pasqua21 Jan 185028 Jan 1850
ZAMANDA, Pietra23 Nov 184321 Oct 1860
ZAMANDA, Rosaria7 Feb 184729 Oct 1855
ZAMANDA, TeresaAbt 17575 Jun 1833

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