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24 Individuals with the ZALAPI Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZALAPI, AntoninoAbt 173324 Mar 1773
ZALAPI, Domenica
ZALAPI, FrancescoAbt 1702
ZALAPI, FrancescoAbt 17607 Aug 1795
ZALAPI, Giuseppa25 May 1852
ZALAPI, GiuseppeAbt 1733
ZALAPI, GiuseppeAbt 17749 Jan 1839
ZALAPI, MariaAbt 1808
ZALAPI, MariaAbt 177017 Jun 1843
ZALAPI, NataleAbt 17694 Feb 1839
ZALAPI, PaoloAbt 173919 Aug 1787
ZALAPI, Paolo18 May 1795
ZALAPI, Paolo1675
ZALAPI, Pasquale29 Jun 1810
ZALAPI, PietroAbt 180026 Dec 1828
ZALAPI, Pietro1734
ZALAPI, Rosaria18 Apr 1814
ZALAPI, SalvadoreAbt 1799
ZALAPI, Salvadore11 Jan 181723 Jun 1859
ZALAPI, SalvadoreAbt 1808
ZALAPI, Salvadore

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