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78 Individuals with the ZAHRINGEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes De10 MAY 1239
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes deAbt 1128
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes Princess OfABT 115810 May 1239
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes Princess OfABT 115810 May 1239
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes Princess OfABT 115810 MAY 1239
ZAHRINGEN, Agnes Princess OfABT 115810 MAY 1239
ZAHRINGEN, Amalie of Baden26 JAN 1795
ZAHRINGEN, Anna von Baden-Durlach13 JUN 158711 MAR 1648/49
ZAHRINGEN, Auguste Magdalene13 NOV 170625 AUG 1709
ZAHRINGEN, Augustus George of Baden-Baden14 JAN 1705/0621 OCT 1771
ZAHRINGEN, Beatrix of Baden22 JAN 1491/924 APR 1535
ZAHRINGEN, Bernard I of Baden1431
ZAHRINGEN, Bernard III of Baden-Baden7 OCT 147429 JUN 1536
ZAHRINGEN, Bernard IV of Baden-DurlachFEB 1516/1720 JAN 1552/53
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold I of
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold II Duke of1055
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold III Duke Of
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold IV Duke Of
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold V Duke
ZAHRINGEN, Bl Bernard II of Baden1458
ZAHRINGEN, Charles I of Baden1475
ZAHRINGEN, Charles II of Baden-Durlach24 JUL 152923 MAR 1576/77
ZAHRINGEN, Christopher I of Baden13 NOV 145319 APR 1527
ZAHRINGEN, Christopher II of Baden-Baden26 FEB 1536/372 AUG 1575
ZAHRINGEN, Edward Fortunatus17 SEP 156518 JUN 1600
ZAHRINGEN, Ernest Frederick17 OCT 156014 APR 1604
ZAHRINGEN, Ernest James of Baden-Durlach24 AUG 1590
ZAHRINGEN, Ernest of Baden-Durlach17 OCT 14826 FEB 1552/53
ZAHRINGEN, Ferdinand Maximilian23 SEP 16254 NOV 1669
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick Alexander of Baden10 JUN 1793
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick I of Baden1268
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick II of Baden1333
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick III the Pacific1353
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick of Baden29 AUG 1756
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick V of Baden-Durlach6 JUL 15948 SEP 1659
ZAHRINGEN, Frederick VI of Baden-Durlach16 NOV 161731 JAN 1676/77
ZAHRINGEN, Friedrich of Baden-Durlach7 OCT 170326 MAR 1732
ZAHRINGEN, George Frederick30 JAN 1572/7324 SEP 1638
ZAHRINGEN, George of Baden1484
ZAHRINGEN, Herman I of Baden1074
ZAHRINGEN, Herman II of Baden1130
ZAHRINGEN, Herman III of Baden1160
ZAHRINGEN, Herman IV Margrave of Baden16 JAN 1189/90
ZAHRINGEN, Herman V of Baden16 JAN 1242/43
ZAHRINGEN, Herman VI of Baden1250
ZAHRINGEN, Herman VII of Baden1291
ZAHRINGEN, Herman VIII of Baden1353
ZAHRINGEN, Hesso of Baden1297
ZAHRINGEN, James I of Baden1453
ZAHRINGEN, James III of Baden-Durlach26 MAY 156217 AUG 1590
ZAHRINGEN, Karl Friedrich of Baden22 NOV 172810 JUN 1811
ZAHRINGEN, Karl III Wilhelm17 JAN 1678/7912 MAY 1738
ZAHRINGEN, Karl Ludwig of Padua14 FEB 1755
ZAHRINGEN, Karl Magnus21 JAN 1700/0112 JAN 1711/12
ZAHRINGEN, Leopold I of Baden29 AUG 1790
ZAHRINGEN, Louis William of Baden-Baden18 APR 16554 JAN 1706/07
ZAHRINGEN, Louise George of Baden-Baden7 JUN 170222 OCT 1761
ZAHRINGEN, Louise of Baden8 JAN 1767
ZAHRINGEN, Ludwig I of Baden9 FEB 1763
ZAHRINGEN, Margaret of Baden24 OCT 1457
ZAHRINGEN, Maximilian of Baden8 DEC 1796
ZAHRINGEN, Philibert of Baden-Baden1569
ZAHRINGEN, Philip I of Baden6 NOV 147917 NOV 1533
ZAHRINGEN, Philip II of Baden-Baden1588
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf Hesso of Baden1335
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf I of Baden1288
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf II of Baden
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf III of Baden
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf IV of Baden1348
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf V of Baden
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf VI of Baden1372
ZAHRINGEN, Rudolf VII of Baden1391
ZAHRINGEN, Victoria of Baden7 AUG 18624 APR 1930
ZAHRINGEN, William Ludwig14 JAN 1731/3217 DEC 1788
ZAHRINGEN, William of Baden-Baden30 JUL 159322 MAY 1677
ZAHRINGEN, William von Baden8 APR 1792

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