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18 Individuals with the ZAHM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZAHM, Adam23 MAR 1833
ZAHM, Anna Maria09 SEP 182931 MAY 1870
ZAHM, Christian19 NOV 1743
ZAHM, Elisabeth18371838
ZAHM, Franziskus10 APR 1702
ZAHM, Friedrich182505 MAR 1899
ZAHM, George C.K.
ZAHM, Gertrude25 MAY 182704 JUN 1887
ZAHM, Hattie L.Abt 1861
ZAHM, Jean Paul1675
ZAHM, Johann13 MAY 183105 MAR 1893
ZAHM, JohannABT 178518 JAN 1860
ZAHM, Magdalena13 JAN 183918 JUN 1872
ZAHM, Maria18351838
ZAHM, Nikolas06 NOV 1840
ZAHM, Nikolaus27 NOV 1770
ZAHM, Nikolaus18 JUL 181916 SEP 1819
ZAHM, Peter18421843

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