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17 Individuals with the YTTRIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YTTRIE, Ellen E.FEB 1896
YTTRIE, Gerald C.10 AUG 192630 AUG 1996
YTTRIE, Harlan Wayne4 OCT 192414 FEB 1988
YTTRIE, Harold Wayne16 AUG 195023 AUG 1975
YTTRIE, Inez L.ABT 1921
YTTRIE, Ingaborg MarieMAR 1885
YTTRIE, Iva LeeABT 1929
YTTRIE, MarjorieABT 1919
YTTRIE, Paul Eldred5 NOV 193314 SEP 1994
YTTRIE, Peter C.13 OCT 1889
YTTRIE, Peter O.ABT 1853
YTTRIE, SamuelAPR 1891
YTTRIE, SophineMAR 1899
YTTRIE, TheaDEC 1888

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