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30 Individuals with the YOW Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YOW, Bertie18801900
YOW, Cynthia JaneABT 1843
YOW, Dempsey17861862
YOW, Elizabeth1 FEB 184815 JAN 1912
YOW, Eppe Morris1 FEB 18584 JUL 1930
YOW, Flora13 OCT 189628 MAY 1980
YOW, Frances Pauline
YOW, Frances Pauline
YOW, George
YOW, Grace
YOW, HenryABT 1874
YOW, Hubert
YOW, Inelda
YOW, Kay24 JAN 194520 JUL 2000
YOW, Lee
YOW, Lula18821959
YOW, MaryABT 1874
YOW, Mary Malinda10 OCT 1860
YOW, Nancy
YOW, Nina
YOW, Richard DempseyABT 1844ABT 1899
YOW, Samuel Dean
YOW, Sarah Sally Lucy
YOW, Thomas Anderson15 JAN 181611 NOV 1861
YOW, Thomas B.
YOW, Thomas Russell5 AUG 1855ABT MAR 1922
YOW, Worth Trogdon
YOW, BET 1830 AND 1860
YOW, ABT 1850

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