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26 Individuals with the YOUSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YOUSE, Arthur Caldwell26 MAY 1935
YOUSE, Caroline Elizabeth16 Oct 185530 Jan 1935
YOUSE, Charles Atkins5 JAN 1937
YOUSE, Charles Oliver10 DEC 186910 JUL 1910
YOUSE, David Howard11 JAN 1940
YOUSE, Donald Wayne31 MAR 1910
YOUSE, Ellen LovinaJan 1858Abt 1907
YOUSE, George Hillis27 APR 1932
YOUSE, Hillis John10 SEP 1905
YOUSE, Jane Ann28 APR 1937
YOUSE, Jonas
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Living
YOUSE, Louisa14 Aug 18613 Mar 1880
YOUSE, Louisa (Mollie)14 Aug 1861
YOUSE, Patricia20C.
YOUSE, Rebecca
YOUSE, Ruth Mina6 SEP 1900
YOUSE, Sarah Kate7 MAY 1944

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