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30 Individuals with the YOUNKER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YOUNKER, Annie19C.
YOUNKER, Betty1928
YOUNKER, Bruce1940
YOUNKER, Carrie Luella
YOUNKER, Carrie Luella
YOUNKER, Darrell1967
YOUNKER, David1947
YOUNKER, Draper I.
YOUNKER, Draper I.
YOUNKER, Edward H. Jr.17 MAR 1967
YOUNKER, Edward H. Jr.17 MAR 1967
YOUNKER, Elizabeth C.9 JUN 184116 NOV 1915
YOUNKER, Emma Kate
YOUNKER, GeorgeABT 1855BEF 1945
YOUNKER, Gertrude
YOUNKER, GertrudeABT 1888
YOUNKER, Jennifer1972
YOUNKER, Jill1959
YOUNKER, John1935
YOUNKER, John1962
YOUNKER, John O.29 MAR 1970
YOUNKER, Kathryn E.FEB 188507 FEB 1982
YOUNKER, Mildred
YOUNKER, Suzanne1966
YOUNKER, TeresaABT 1950
YOUNKER, TeresaABT 1950

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