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379 Individuals with the YOST Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YOST, Adolphus J.1860
YOST, Agnes M16 MAR 18769 MAY 1893
YOST, Albert31 MAY 1916
YOST, Alexander13 NOV 1827
YOST, Alice Joy11 APR 1966
YOST, Alphaeus
YOST, Amanda18481939
YOST, AmeliaBET 1810 AND 1821
YOST, Amos18511928
YOST, Anna24 JUL 188731 MAR 1908
YOST, AnnaABT 1883
YOST, Anna7 MAY 1899
YOST, Anna
YOST, Anna Catharine23 JUL 1751
YOST, Anna Elizabeth18061882
YOST, Anna Jane1921
YOST, Annie1861
YOST, Archie Leonard28 NOV 1925
YOST, Arno
YOST, Augustina Mary18751900
YOST, Augustine11 Nov 1842
YOST, Barbara15 JUN 1763
YOST, Barbara15 Jan 17637 Aug 1857
YOST, Barbara Ann10 FEB 1942
YOST, Benjamin Clay05 APR 1851
YOST, Bertha22 APR 191516 MAY 1997
YOST, Bertha Phoebe11 APR 187917 OCT 1966
YOST, Bobbie Dale
YOST, Bobbie Dale
YOST, Boots1942
YOST, Boots1942
YOST, Boyd Alan9 MAR 1958
YOST, Bradley Howard
YOST, C Earl18941923
YOST, Carl Ed3 OCT 1927
YOST, Carol LaDean9 MAR 1940
YOST, Carole Joy25 DEC 1944
YOST, Caroline18331924
YOST, Caroline
YOST, Carrie
YOST, Carrie Adorah22 OCT 1865
YOST, CasperABT. 1791
YOST, CatharineBET 1769 AND 1795
YOST, CatherineBET 1850 AND 1897
YOST, Catren1787
YOST, Charlene Marie10 FEB 1954
YOST, Charles10 JUN 1876
YOST, Charles9 OCT 1911
YOST, Charles FABT 18914 SEP 1892
YOST, Charles S.ABT 18381930
YOST, Charles Woodruff
YOST, Clayton
YOST, Clayton Russel14 MAR 1951
YOST, Clinton Cody22 AUG 1977
YOST, Colleen Kay7 JUN 1960
YOST, Conrad17851860
YOST, Conrad
YOST, Cora
YOST, Cora I21 MAR 1870
YOST, Curtis Willard19 OCT 1917
YOST, D Tobias25 DEC 1847
YOST, Dale Monroe
YOST, Dale Monroe
YOST, Delano Alvoid2 SEP 19339 MAR 1977
YOST, Della Mae2 AUG 193018 APR 1971
YOST, Dora17 JAN 19043 APR 1977
YOST, Dorlene
YOST, Dottie Lou
YOST, Dusty Tyler15 JUL 1975
YOST, E Ethel27 JUN 1889
YOST, E.R.Wft Est. 1868-1895Wft Est. 1874-1975
YOST, Earl
YOST, Earla15 OCT 1934
YOST, EberABT 1863
YOST, Eddie1878
YOST, Edgar7 MAR 18734 FEB 1894
YOST, Edna18881972
YOST, Edward J5 APR 188331 AUG 1966
YOST, EdwinBET 1914 AND 1918
YOST, EdwinBET 1914 AND 1918
YOST, Elisabeth
YOST, Elizabeth29 NOV 1800
YOST, Elizabeth1755
YOST, Elmer13 SEP 191311 APR 1965
YOST, Elmer L.1880
YOST, Elsie
YOST, Elton Brent14 DEC 1962
YOST, Emma28 AUG 1871
YOST, Emma
YOST, Emma LettieBef 1858
YOST, Emma Lucinda20 APR 185522 MAR 1922
YOST, Ephram
YOST, Esta11 Jun 186711 Apr 1908
YOST, Esther13 MAR 1924
YOST, Esther Louanna17 JUL 188712 MAY 1970
YOST, Eugene William14 AUG 1902
YOST, Ezra L9 MAR 187431 OCT 1908
YOST, Fannie E
YOST, Florence189227 FEB 1905
YOST, Florence B15 APR 1885
YOST, Foster Garfield22 MAR 188024 SEP 1934
YOST, Frances24 JUL 1920
YOST, Frances Kemper26 JAN 1903
YOST, Frank
YOST, Franklin Howard19231924
YOST, Fred15 NOV 186816 NOV 1925
YOST, Fred3 DEC 1903
YOST, Fred Ellsworth3 SEP 189625 NOV 1988
YOST, Fredrick W.07 FEB 182722 JAN 1909
YOST, Fredrick W.07 FEB 182722 JAN 1909
YOST, Gaylord Bob12 AUG 1954
YOST, George
YOST, George18361912
YOST, George Elmer5 JAN 189111 AUG 1965
YOST, George F.20C.
YOST, George HenryOCT 1932
YOST, Gerhard N30 AUG 189320 MAR 1974
YOST, Gladys8 JUN 19037 JUN 1973
YOST, Gloria
YOST, Gunda7 SEP 18916 JAN 1971
YOST, H Alfred185625 FEB 1935
YOST, Hans Ulrich
YOST, Harlan Santee18718 AUG 1878
YOST, Harman5 OCT 1749ABT 1832
YOST, Harman1773
YOST, Harold
YOST, Harold C10 DEC 191624 JUN 1998
YOST, Harold Kenneth28 MAY 191911 NOV 1991
YOST, Harry1863
YOST, Harry E9 JUN 1872
YOST, Harry Lee Bud
YOST, Harvey
YOST, Harvey
YOST, Harvey Lincoln18651946
YOST, Helen
YOST, Helena4 JAN 188628 MAY 1963
YOST, Henrich12 AUG 18484 FEB 1854
YOST, Henry
YOST, Henry
YOST, Henry D5 MAR 17758 NOV 1862
YOST, Henry D24 JAN 181221 JUN 1880
YOST, Herbert Leroy2 FEB 190727 MAR 1984
YOST, Herman13 APR 19011981
YOST, Herman1750
YOST, Herman
YOST, Horace18601920
YOST, Howard C188631 DEC 1976
YOST, Howard Nelson
YOST, Howard S.18961979
YOST, Howard T6 JAN 1881
YOST, IdaABT 1865
YOST, Ida13 JUN 1881
YOST, InfantMAY 1870
YOST, Ira Lincoln5 APR 18676 SEP 1944
YOST, ISAAC E.6- JUN 18452-21-1921
YOST, Ivan C189619 MAY 1966
YOST, Jacob17461801
YOST, JacobBET 1814 AND 1841
YOST, Jacob7 JAN 1837
YOST, Jacob9 OCT 180924 JUN 1891
YOST, Jacob Butler1 DEC 185711 FEB 1931
YOST, Jacob Daniel13 MAY 1845
YOST, Jacob N18 JUN 18899 FEB 1974
YOST, Jacob S25 FEB 184129 MAY 1922
YOST, Jacquelyn M.23 JUN 1951
YOST, James
YOST, James Jerimiah01 DEC 184805 NOV 1930
YOST, Janice3 SEP 1941
YOST, Janice Maria1939
YOST, Jennie5 NOV 1908
YOST, Johann Philip
YOST, Johannes
YOST, John11 May 186512 Jun 50
YOST, John18 AUG 1802
YOST, John9 APR 1747
YOST, JohnWFT Est. 1874-1894WFT Est. 1906-1965
YOST, John08 OCT 1797
YOST, JohnWFT Est. 1816-1864WFT Est. 1831-1941
YOST, John14 JUL 189831 AUG 1974
YOST, John
YOST, John
YOST, John A23 JUL 1933
YOST, John H.1865
YOST, John Jacob03 AUG 17951863
YOST, John Michael
YOST, John P.1856
YOST, John Philip24 AUG 1757
YOST, John Phillip18181875
YOST, John S18 JUL 190111 MAR 1934
YOST, JonasSep 183215 Dec 1902
YOST, Joseph A.02 JUN 1872
YOST, Joyce Ann11 APR 1945
YOST, Joyce Ann
YOST, Joyce M.1862
YOST, Joyce R17 JAN 1932
YOST, JudyPrivate
YOST, Judy Lynn
YOST, Judy Lynn
YOST, JuliaABT. 1801
YOST, Katie18 FEB 19188 MAR 1993
YOST, Kimberly Renee31 MAR 1957
YOST, Kitty
YOST, Kristin Gaye30 MAY 1967
YOST, Laura B.1872
YOST, Laura Ellen1925
YOST, Laura Jane18591861
YOST, Lauretta Sue24 AUG 1951
YOST, Lenard Dion
YOST, Leonard Wayne23 MAY 192314 MAY 1995
YOST, Leonard Wayne Jr1 JUN 1947
YOST, Lert
YOST, Lert
YOST, Lert
YOST, Lert
YOST, Letha
YOST, LeviBET 1814 AND 1841
YOST, Lewis
YOST, Linda Sue17 JUN
YOST, Living
YOST, Living
YOST, Living
YOST, Living
YOST, Lizzie Belle19 Sep 187314 Jun 1896
YOST, Lloyd
YOST, Loran Wesley18 AUG 193616 APR 1995
YOST, Louisa Jane
YOST, Louisa Mae1924
YOST, Louvina
YOST, Louvina
YOST, Mamie E12 FEB 187412 MAY 1876
YOST, Manassas13 MAR 185113 DEC 1851
YOST, MargaretABT 185023 SEP 1853
YOST, Margaret30 OCT 1790
YOST, MargaretBET 1810 AND 1821
YOST, Margaret4 Mar 175811 Mar 1837
YOST, Margaret
YOST, Margaret Ann24 MAR 1847
YOST, Margaret Ann18271902
YOST, Margaret Jane
YOST, Margaret Jane
YOST, Maria Magdalena21 APR 1766
YOST, Marie24 JAN 1919
YOST, Marilyn Kay17 MAR 1946
YOST, Mark B.15 AUG 190130 APR 1977
YOST, Mark FieldingPrivate
YOST, Marla Suzanne29 MAR 1970
YOST, Martha M25 NOV 1883

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