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18 Individuals with the YOHPE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YOHPE, Carl Henry1 NOV 1899MAY 1983
YOHPE, Carl Henry23 JUN 19308 APR 1931
YOHPE, Dorothy Beatrice2 JUL 1940
YOHPE, Edward Paul19 SEP 189315 JAN 1968
YOHPE, Elsie C1897
YOHPE, Gerald14 MAR 1934
YOHPE, Lorna Irene8 SEP 1932
YOHPE, Marian6 AUG 192520 FEB 1960
YOHPE, Martha Helena20 OCT 190522 MAR 1989
YOHPE, Myrtle Elaine28 MAR 1929
YOHPE, Reinhard Adolph10 OCT 190217 SEP 1991
YOHPE, Theodore
YOHPE, Walter Edward5 MAY 1926
YOHPE, William
YOHPE, William Emil30 AUG 189518 FEB 1967
YOHPE, William Frederich26 SEP 187112 NOV 1954

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