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793 Individuals with the YATES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YATES, Abbie23 FEB 189124 MAR 1970
YATES, Abel20 Jul 1759
YATES, Abel1815
YATES, AbrahamABT 25 DEC 1757ABT 1857
YATES, Abraham23 AUG 1724
YATES, Abraham1 MAR 1703/04
YATES, Abraham
YATES, Ada Josephine18 AUG 1871
YATES, Adam15 AUG 1708
YATES, Adam Phillip5 SEP 2002
YATES, Adam Phillip5 SEP 2002
YATES, Alan Ward
YATES, Alexander P.ABT 1857
YATES, Alice17 Oct 1787
YATES, Alice1773
YATES, Alice1773
YATES, Alice Lousie
YATES, Alice Lousie
YATES, Alice Ruth22 APR 1950
YATES, AllenABT 1830
YATES, Allison Ann
YATES, Allison Ann
YATES, Amanda1854
YATES, Amanda E.1862Between 1863 and 195
YATES, Amariah
YATES, Amarich
YATES, Amber Lynn26 JUL 1971
YATES, AmbroseAbt 1690
YATES, AmbroseAbt 1685
YATES, Ambrose13 Nov 1737
YATES, Amee Elizabeth24 MAY 1991
YATES, Amelia1818
YATES, America
YATES, Amie L.1904
YATES, Amy1866
YATES, AndreasABT 176929 AUG 1799
YATES, Andrew
YATES, Andrew
YATES, Andrew Jackson31 Oct 189414 Apr 1970
YATES, Andrew Jackson
YATES, Andrew Jackson
YATES, Angeltje6 JUL 175223 DEC 1773
YATES, Angeltje6 JUL 1752
YATES, Angeltje
YATES, Angeltje1752
YATES, Angeltje (Angelica)
YATES, Ann3 MAY 1915
YATES, AnnABT 1756
YATES, Ann19 JAN 1883
YATES, Ann4 May 1746
YATES, AnnABT 1756
YATES, Anna1840
YATES, Annatje04 AUG 1788BEF 1883
YATES, Anneka5 OCT 1718
YATES, Annetje5 OCT 17181750
YATES, Annette
YATES, Annie Jane4 APR 1940
YATES, Annie L.
YATES, Annie M.Private
YATES, Arabelle (Bell)3 OCT 185526 FEB 1929
YATES, Arden Emerson1 JAN 1851
YATES, BarbaraJUN 1886
YATES, BarneyABT 1860BEF 1950
YATES, Bartholomew24 AUG 167626 JUL 1734
YATES, Belle5 JUN 19091930
YATES, Bennet1836
YATES, Bernie
YATES, Berry15 MAR 1836
YATES, Betty Joanne22 Aug 1955
YATES, Beulah M.
YATES, Billie JoABT 1928
YATES, Billy Ray16 OCT 1930
YATES, Bob18 DEC 187425 SEP 1958
YATES, Booker1867
YATES, Brayila
YATES, Brittnie Jean
YATES, BrookerJUN 1869
YATES, BruceABT 1908
YATES, BufordPrivate
YATES, Caitlin
YATES, Calvin
YATES, Calvin Ray29 Nov 195913 Sep 1966
YATES, Carlie
YATES, Carolina Elizabeth
YATES, CarolineABT 1835?
YATES, Caroline Anneta30 Jan 191523 Apr 1998
YATES, Catalina7 OCT 1711
YATES, Catalyna19 OCT 1712
YATES, Catalyna
YATES, CatarinaABT 1775BEF 1883
YATES, CathalinaABT 7 JUN 1761ABT 1861
YATES, Catharina (Sally )
YATES, Catherine
YATES, Catherine1848
YATES, Catherine
YATES, Catherine1848
YATES, Catherine Dolly12 May 1911
YATES, Catherine Dolly12 May 1911
YATES, Cathy Diana22 AUG 195830 JUL 1960
YATES, Cathy Janette14 APR 1961
YATES, CatlynaJUN 7 1761
YATES, Catlyntje08 MAR 1786BEF 1881
YATES, Charleen MarjorieDone
YATES, Charlene
YATES, Charles
YATES, CharlesABT 1810BEF 1850
YATES, Charles "Reverend"
YATES, Charles HenryEst 1860
YATES, Charles Holmes Arte
YATES, Charles Holmes Arte22 Oct 19121 Mar 1991
YATES, Charles M
YATES, Charles M.
YATES, Charles M.
YATES, Charles P.ABT 1816
YATES, Charlotte1842
YATES, Charlotte Elizabeth
YATES, Charlotte Parish31 MAR 187326 NOV 1938
YATES, Chester
YATES, Chester
YATES, child
YATES, Christina Ruth12 SEP 1995
YATES, ChristoffelABT 1707ABT 1807
YATES, ChristoffelJUL 1737NOV 1785
YATES, Christoffel16 APR 168426 FEB 1754
YATES, Christopher
YATES, Christopher A.
YATES, Christopher Evert19 DEC 179725 JUN 1883
YATES, Christopher Peter18 MAR 175020 FEB 1815
YATES, Clara1743
YATES, Clara
YATES, Clara
YATES, Claud Cayce27 FEB 1889ABT 1940
YATES, Clifford
YATES, Clinton
YATES, Clovis
YATES, Col. Peter
YATES, Colbert
YATES, Comer
YATES, Corel Della
YATES, Coy R.Private
YATES, Curtis
YATES, Cyphia18161899
YATES, Daniel
YATES, Daniel Riley Lane
YATES, David1879
YATES, David1793
YATES, David1842
YATES, David1842
YATES, David1793
YATES, David1879
YATES, David Arthur
YATES, David Howes10 JAN 1939
YATES, David James
YATES, David LeRoy20 JUL 19049 APR 1981
YATES, David Wayne
YATES, David Wray7 Sep 1961
YATES, Decima Mary
YATES, Delbert DuncanABT 1880
YATES, Denise24 Apr 1956
YATES, Denzil
YATES, DerkittPrivate
YATES, Derrick Jerold
YATES, Dewitt T.
YATES, Dillie25 OCT 188716 FEB 1973
YATES, Donald William12 NOV 1930
YATES, Dora Anneta24 Apr 18884 Jun 1935
YATES, Dora E.26 Nov 1879
YATES, Dorothy
YATES, Dorothy Evans10 MAR 191618 FEB 1998
YATES, Douglas Michael4 JUN 1956
YATES, Edmun
YATES, Edmund Laffan1 Jan 1832
YATES, Edward
YATES, EdwardABT 1820BEF 1910
YATES, Edward Holmes18 Oct 183814 Nov 1914
YATES, Edward S.ABT 1925
YATES, Elijah
YATES, Eliza
YATES, Eliza1853
YATES, Eliza J.1850
YATES, ElizabethABOUT 1700
YATES, Elizabeth1730
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, ElizabethABT 1651BEF 1690
YATES, ElizabethWft Est. 1822-1846Wft Est. 1870-1933
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, ElizabethFEB 1844
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, Elizabeth1794
YATES, Elizabeth16 MAR 1834
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, Elizabeth29 JUL 1770BEF 1865
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, Elizabeth
YATES, ElizabethABT 1820BEF 1910
YATES, Elizabeth (Eliza)17 Sep 1781
YATES, Elizabeth Clug
YATES, Elizebeth
YATES, Ella Era
YATES, Ellafair1841BEF 1870
YATES, Ellis K.1868
YATES, Ellis S.
YATES, EloisePrivate
YATES, Elta M.
YATES, ElusterApr 1860Between 1861 and 195
YATES, Eluster D.
YATES, Emelina E.5 JUN 185629 NOV 1935
YATES, Emily1868
YATES, Emily1868
YATES, Emily F.16 Sep 1897
YATES, Emma18681948
YATES, EmmaDEC 184625 JAN 1924
YATES, Eric Douglas7 SEP 1984
YATES, Erik Daniel
YATES, Ester JosephineABT 1847
YATES, Ethel M.
YATES, Eugenia
YATES, Eunice B.
YATES, Eunora
YATES, EvaABT 1773BEF 1883
YATES, Evelyn
YATES, Evra May
YATES, Ezra Otis
YATES, Fannie
YATES, Fannie L.1878
YATES, Fannie L.
YATES, Fayette Young
YATES, Florence1870
YATES, Florence Annie12 JUN 1870
YATES, Florence Annie12 JUN 1870
YATES, Florina E.
YATES, Forest Eugene , Jr.

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