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54 Individuals with the YARD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YARD, Anne4 JAN 1775
YARD, Archibald William
YARD, BenjaminABT 1688
YARD, Benjamin17181808
YARD, Benjamin16791732
YARD, Charles1858
YARD, ElizabethBET. 1721 - 1722AFT 1792
YARD, Elizabeth17151763
YARD, Elizabeth1763
YARD, Elizabeth17221792
YARD, ElizabethABT 1678BET. 1718 - 1719
YARD, George1758
YARD, GeorgeABT 168421 SEP 1758
YARD, Henry
YARD, JamesABT 1686
YARD, James16781724
YARD, Jethro17221760
YARD, JohnABT 1682FEB 1732/1733
YARD, John17121765
YARD, John16761732
YARD, JosephBET. 1672 - 16751 MAY 1738
YARD, JosephBET. 1647 - 16526 APR 1716
YARD, Joseph16721738
YARD, Joseph16471716
YARD, Joseph17071763
YARD, Letitia
YARD, Living
YARD, MaryBET. 1671 - 169221 MAR 1702/1703
YARD, MaryBET. 1717 - 1718AFT 1781
YARD, Mary17071739
YARD, Mary16711703
YARD, Mary17181781
YARD, RachelBET. 1719 - 1790
YARD, Rachel1720
YARD, Roger
YARD, Roger
YARD, Sarah172424 AUG 1796
YARD, Sarah17241796
YARD, Susan
YARD, SusannahBET. 1724 - 1725
YARD, Susannah17251789
YARD, ThomasABT 16701695
YARD, Thomas
YARD, Thomas16701695
YARD, Unknown At
YARD, William16808 DEC 1744
YARD, William
YARD, William
YARD, William16751744
YARD, William17091759
YARD, William
YARD, ?4 JAN 1863

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