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111 Individuals with the YALE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YALE, (?)
YALE, Aaron
YALE, Abigail16 NOV 1697
YALE, Abigail
YALE, AnnABT 161514 DEC 1698
YALE, Ann27 JUN 1734
YALE, Ann161514 DEC 1698
YALE, AnnaAFT MAR 1776
YALE, Anna21 AUG 169715 JUL 1744
YALE, Barnabas
YALE, Benjamin Boardman28 JUL 1779
YALE, Bessie M.
YALE, Betsy (Susmilch)14 MAR 182824 JUL 1889
YALE, Catherine
YALE, Charles
YALE, Charlotte19 Apr 179731 May 1864
YALE, Charlotte19 Apr 179731 May 1864
YALE, Cynrik ap_Osborn
YALE, David1613/1614UNKNOWN
YALE, David164526 JAN 1689/1690
YALE, David8 OCT 16991730
YALE, David25 SEP 169323 FEB 1757
YALE, David Lloyd153320 FEB 1607
YALE, David Lloyd Ellis1487
YALE, Desire
YALE, Dominus Otho Gherardini
YALE, Dorothy23 JAN 1649/50
YALE, Einion ap_Griffith
YALE, Elihu5 APR 16488 JUL 1721
YALE, Elihu30 MAR 16961748
YALE, Elisha
YALE, Elisha , Jr.
YALE, Elisha III
YALE, Elizabeth25 JUL 1673
YALE, Elizabeth
YALE, Elizabeth29 JAN 1666/166719 SEP 1702
YALE, Elizabeth MaryABT 161815 AUG 1625
YALE, Ellis ap_Griffith1440
YALE, Gerald Fitz_Walter
YALE, Griffith ap_Einion
YALE, Griffith ap_Llewelyn
YALE, GuillaumeWFT Est. 1829-1861WFT Est. 1886-1948
YALE, Hannah27 JUL 1669
YALE, Hannah6 JUL 166219 SEP 1701
YALE, Heman
YALE, Infant9 DEC 176510 DEC 1765
YALE, James31 JUL 169828 Jan 1699/1670
YALE, John8 DEC 168706/0181782
YALE, JohnABT 164616 DEC 1711
YALE, John3 JUN 167411 DEC 1711
YALE, John Lloyd Wynn1531
YALE, Joseph2 MAY 17064 JUL 1710
YALE, Llewelyn ap_Cynrik
YALE, Lord_John Fitz_Thomas Fitzgerald
YALE, Marilyn
YALE, Martha5 JUN 165513 JAN 1670
YALE, Mary16 OCT 1650
YALE, Mary6 AUG 176711 OCT 1767
YALE, Mary27 OCT 170827 FEB 1775
YALE, Mary27 OCT 1684
YALE, Mary
YALE, Mary
YALE, Mary
YALE, Matilda28 JUN 1776
YALE, Maurice Fitzgerald1177
YALE, Nathaniel12 JUL 168111 DEC 1711
YALE, Nathaniel3 JAN 1651/165229 OCT 1730
YALE, Nathaniel31 DEC 170228 APR 1746
YALE, Osborn Fitzgerald
YALE, Philomáene-Frâedâerica
YALE, Rebecca1 OCT 1674
YALE, Rev. David1626
YALE, Sabara24 JUL 1781
YALE, Sabrina24 JUL 1781
YALE, Sally23 DEC 1812
YALE, Sarah
YALE, Stephen17977 Jun 1827
YALE, Sylvestre
YALE, SylvestreWFT Est. 1792-1837WFT Est. 1829-1918
YALE, Theophilus
YALE, Theophilus13 NOV 167513 SEP 1760
YALE, Theophilus
YALE, Thomas
YALE, ThomasABT 161627 MAR 1683
YALE, Thomas1619
YALE, Thomas161627 MAR 1683
YALE, Thomas15901619
YALE, Thomas
YALE, Thomas
YALE, ThomasMAY 1647
YALE, Thomas1677/167826 SEP 1750
YALE, Thomas166012 OCT 1697
YALE, ThomasABT 161627 MAR 1683
YALE, ThomasBEF 15891619
YALE, Thomas
YALE, Thomas , Jr.
YALE, Thomas Fitz_Maurice Fitzgerald
YALE, Ursula
YALE, Valentine16668 NOV 1698
YALE, Waitstil9 DEC 176510 DEC 1765
YALE, Waitstill19 JUL 174427 JAN 1820
YALE, Walter Fitz_Otho

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