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173 Individuals with the YAGER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YAGER, -Son-(in infancy)
YAGER, Abram Clore18 May 181316 Apr 1891
YAGER, Abram Jesse29 Jun 1861
YAGER, Adam9 MAY 1738
YAGER, Adam ( Sr.)29 SEP 1707ABT 1794
YAGER, AndreyABT 1855Deceased
YAGER, Anna1782
YAGER, Anna Maria17 Jun 17245 May 1802
YAGER, Anna MarieABT 17 Jun 17245 May 1802
YAGER, Annie Bettie1 May 1858
YAGER, Annie L22 JUN 1846
YAGER, Barbara7 Sep 17301794/1795
YAGER, Benjamin17 FEB 176829 MAR 1857
YAGER, Berilla Ann6 Apr 183625 Dec 1877
YAGER, Catrina14 Oct 1730BEF 1769
YAGER, Chancellor11 FEB 18573 SEP 1910
YAGER, Charlotte
YAGER, Christian18088 JAN 1891
YAGER, Clara19 DEC 186412 NOV 1931
YAGER, Clarence Mc Lellan7 Jul 1890
YAGER, Cornelius
YAGER, Daniel Abram12 Mar 1880
YAGER, Debbie
YAGER, Diana28 SEP 17743 NOV 1860
YAGER, Edwin18387 MAY 1876
YAGER, Eli23 Feb 18076 Aug 1853
YAGER, Eli12 Jul 1872
YAGER, Elijah176912 Dec 1844
YAGER, Eliza30 Oct 181823 May 1847
YAGER, Eliza Jane17 Nov 1838
YAGER, Elizabeth14 MAR 181013 MAY 1854
YAGER, Elizabeth
YAGER, Elizabeth1810
YAGER, Elizabeth25 Feb 1728
YAGER, Elizabeth23 AUG 180327 MAY 1881
YAGER, Elizabeth Ann9 May 1832
YAGER, Elizabeth O'Nora8 Dec 1844
YAGER, Elizabeth S. Hamann
YAGER, Ephriam
YAGER, Erasmus F.23 NOV 1853
YAGER, Ernest R.
YAGER, Florence Jaenette11 Jul 1884
YAGER, Garrett Adams18 Oct 1876
YAGER, George18471934
YAGER, George Chancellor29 JAN 1880
YAGER, Godfrey6 JUN 174726 MAY 1819
YAGER, Hans Peter
YAGER, Hans Peter1698UNKNOWN
YAGER, Harriet Electra23 Sep 18181902
YAGER, Harriet Electra
YAGER, Hendrick20 Mar 1726
YAGER, Ida Belle25 Nov 185910 Feb 1880
YAGER, ILA JENNY22 JUL 192210 MAY 1994
YAGER, James B.
YAGER, James Michael6 Aug 1860
YAGER, James Pressley21 Feb 183421 Aug 1867
YAGER, Jane Elizabeth27 JUL 183528 JUL 1868
YAGER, Jemmie Smith12 Nov 186928 Oct 1889
YAGER, Jesse20 Nov 177210 Sep 1841
YAGER, Jesse Clore20 Feb 1832
YAGER, Jesse J.BEF 1877
YAGER, Jesse McKee12 Jan 1875
YAGER, JimPrivate
YAGER, John7 Mar 18099 Aug 1836
YAGER, John (Blind)15 SEP 1732
YAGER, John George18062 Oct 1889
YAGER, John George Jr.
YAGER, John Laura16 Jan 1866
YAGER, John Lewis2 Jan 18404 Jan 1881
YAGER, John Milton8 MAR 1839
YAGER, John Pressley3 May 1862
YAGER, John Thomas13 Jun 1844
YAGER, John Thomas28 Jul 1829
YAGER, Joseph William15 Jan 1877
YAGER, JudithABT 1756
YAGER, Judith
YAGER, Judith Clore
YAGER, Julianna1789
YAGER, Kenneth
YAGER, Laura Ella20 Sep 1867
YAGER, Laura Virginia12 Jul 1852
YAGER, Lawrence Michael12 Feb 1855
YAGER, Lewis
YAGER, Lonie Eugene1 Mar 187214 Mar 1876
YAGER, Louis Jesse10 Dec 1874
YAGER, Louisa
YAGER, Lucy27 Nov 18021818
YAGER, Lucy Ann5 Aug 183520 Dec 1875
YAGER, Lucy May5 Jan 1877
YAGER, Lucy Wilhoit
YAGER, Lucy Wilhoyte18 Dec 1815
YAGER, Lula MaeABT 188025 Apr 1965
YAGER, Margaret Jane14 May 1883
YAGER, Maria
YAGER, Maria
YAGER, Martha
YAGER, Martha
YAGER, Martha Alice
YAGER, Martha Ann17 Jul 181520 Aug 1828
YAGER, Martha EleanorAbt 18209 Aug 1834
YAGER, Martha Laurenda14 Sep 1835
YAGER, Mary18406 Sep 1891
YAGER, MaryABT 1705
YAGER, Mary "Polly"1778
YAGER, Mary Elizabeth26 Sep 18134 Oct 1837
YAGER, Mary Elizabeth17 Sep 1835
YAGER, Mary Howard15 Aug 1878
YAGER, Mary Lucinda17 JAN 189128 MAR 1974
YAGER, Mary Polly24 JAN 1777
YAGER, Mary Trigg23 Oct 1863
YAGER, Matilda6 Nov 180630 Jun 1882
YAGER, Matilda
YAGER, Mattie Belle11 Jan 1879
YAGER, Michael29 JUN 1728
YAGER, Michael Leighter20 Aug 1837
YAGER, Nancy Montague22 Apr 1882
YAGER, Nellie
YAGER, Newton Thomas9 Apr 1872
YAGER, Nicholas1735
YAGER, NicholasABT 16766 APR 1764
YAGER, Nicholaus "Old Nicks"28 May 16766 Apr 1764
YAGER, Nora Sanford
YAGER, Orville Boulware8 NOV 1841
YAGER, Pearl Kean6 Sep 1874
YAGER, Penelope
YAGER, Permelia31 Mar 180423 Nov 1841
YAGER, Permelia
YAGER, Peter29 May 184817 May 1892
YAGER, Polly Ann
YAGER, Pressley Nevel
YAGER, Pressley Nevel19 Oct 181027 Jan 1891
YAGER, Rosanna23 Jan 180123 Jul 1818
YAGER, Rosanna9 Oct 177821 Feb 1866
YAGER, RosannaABT 1780
YAGER, Roseanne
YAGER, Salathiel10 FEB 1793
YAGER, Samuel Clarence3 Aug 1852
YAGER, Samuel Jesse13 Mar 1834
YAGER, Sanford Chancellor22 JAN 181227 AUG 1878
YAGER, Sarah1833
YAGER, Sarah (Sally)1798
YAGER, Sarah C7 DEC 1843
YAGER, Sarah Elizabeth12 Nov 1846
YAGER, Sarah Malissa18 May 1857
YAGER, Simeon
YAGER, Sophia
YAGER, Susan2 Dec 181220 Aug 1814
YAGER, Susan
YAGER, Susannah1766
YAGER, Sybil Maude4 Oct 1870
YAGER, Terry
YAGER, Thomas Bohannon29 Jan 1863
YAGER, Thomas Charles13 Dec 1884
YAGER, Thomas Clore
YAGER, Thomas Clore6 Oct 180420 May 1889
YAGER, Thomas Henry18 Mar 18748 Mar 1876
YAGER, Walton Force21 Aug 186524 Jan 1869
YAGER, William18 SEP 178629 JAN 1872
YAGER, William Benjamin13 Apr 1842
YAGER, William P.
YAGER, William Ray13 Aug 1892
YAGER, William Wayland11 MAY 181421 OCT 1881
YAGER, Willis
YAGER, Willis11 Nov 180221 Sep 1835
YAGER, Willis Hampton7 Oct 1865

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