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20 Individuals with the WIDTSOE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WIDTSOE, Anders Johnsen20 JUL 18161870
WIDTSOE, Anna Gaarden2 APR 1899
WIDTSOE, Anna Gaarden2 Apr 189912 Jul 1990
WIDTSOE, Helen22 AUG 1907
WIDTSOE, Helen22 Aug 190723 Aug 1907
WIDTSOE, John A31 JAN 187229 NOV 1952
WIDTSOE, John Andersen9 JUN 184014 FEB 1878
WIDTSOE, John Andreas31 Jan 187229 Nov 1952
WIDTSOE, John Andreas
WIDTSOE, John Andreas Jr.8 Apr 190110 Feb 1902
WIDTSOE, John Anfreas8 APR 1901
WIDTSOE, Karl Marcelius27 NOV 1902
WIDTSOE, Karl Marcelius27 Nov 190227 May 1927
WIDTSOE, Leah Eudora4 JUL 1912
WIDTSOE, Leah Eudora "Dorie"4 Jul 19127 Mar 1995
WIDTSOE, Mark Adriel18 MAY 1904
WIDTSOE, Mark Adriel18 May 190427 Aug 1906
WIDTSOE, Mary15 Nov 190915 Nov 1909
WIDTSOE, Mary3 AUG 16781737
WIDTSOE, Mary15 NOV 1909

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