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127 Individuals with the WEDEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WEDEL, Abraham C8 MAY 1949
WEDEL, Alpha
WEDEL, Alvin17 AUG 19103 MAY 1960
WEDEL, Alvin Les15 MAY 1961
WEDEL, Andrew B30 JAN 18707 JUL 1954
WEDEL, Andrew John17 APR 187920 JUN 1954
WEDEL, Anna3 AUG 18779 APR 1919
WEDEL, Anna Maria30 Aug 167716 Jan 1761
WEDEL, Arthur
WEDEL, Arthur A17 OCT 190130 APR 1991
WEDEL, Benjamin13 MAY 185014 AUG 1933
WEDEL, Betty Rozanne27 MAR 194427 NOV 1963
WEDEL, Bruce20 MAY 1955
WEDEL, C C19 JAN 1983
WEDEL, Camilla Jean9 AUG 1955
WEDEL, Caroline18 SEP 188310 JUL 1966
WEDEL, Charles15 JUL 19369 JUN 1940
WEDEL, Chester Lyle17 AUG 1955
WEDEL, Clidy24 OCT 1915
WEDEL, Cornelius
WEDEL, Cornelius B
WEDEL, David
WEDEL, David
WEDEL, David Harry11 SEP 194715 SEP 1989
WEDEL, David J24 JUL 188312 FEB 1958
WEDEL, Dean Eugene5 SEP 1923
WEDEL, Della8 MAR 191620 JUN 1989
WEDEL, Dewey1 SEP 1906
WEDEL, Ditmar19562005
WEDEL, Ditmar19562005
WEDEL, Ditmar19562005
WEDEL, Ditmar19562005
WEDEL, Ditmar19562005
WEDEL, Donald Lynn3 JAN 1957
WEDEL, Donald Ritchmond6 MAR 1966
WEDEL, Edna Marie Martha19 NOV 1933
WEDEL, Edwin16 NOV 192114 JUL 1941
WEDEL, Elizabeth11 NOV 188728 JAN 1963
WEDEL, Elizabeth14 MAY 185017 DEC 1924
WEDEL, Elsie Louise2 JAN 1925
WEDEL, Emma Lee8 NOV 1938
WEDEL, Eva24 AUG 185713 FEB 1937
WEDEL, Fern Elaine1 OCT 1945
WEDEL, Frances18 JAN 1914
WEDEL, Frank13 MAY 1917
WEDEL, Frank B7 OCT 18861 DEC 1944
WEDEL, Garold Lee11 SEP 1954
WEDEL, George
WEDEL, Glenn Orville8 AUG 191715 MAR 1989
WEDEL, Harold KennethABT 1931
WEDEL, HarryABT 1925
WEDEL, Harry D30 JUL 1921
WEDEL, Hattie
WEDEL, Helena
WEDEL, Helena7 MAR 1926
WEDEL, Henry
WEDEL, Henry L28 SEP 187326 AUG 1948
WEDEL, Henryk
WEDEL, Henryk
WEDEL, Henryk
WEDEL, Henryk
WEDEL, Henryk
WEDEL, Jacob B7 FEB 188228 MAY 1954
WEDEL, Jacob H
WEDEL, Jesse
WEDEL, Joe25 JUL 1909
WEDEL, Johann
WEDEL, John23 APR 188517 JAN 1956
WEDEL, John J5 SEP 18858 OCT 1943
WEDEL, Julia
WEDEL, Justin Scott4 SEP 1992
WEDEL, Karen3 JAN 1944
WEDEL, Katherine1824
WEDEL, Katie7 JUL 188011 APR 1956
WEDEL, Kendra21 AUG 1956
WEDEL, Kenneth6 JUN 1930
WEDEL, Kornelia
WEDEL, LarryAPR 1942
WEDEL, Lena29 DEC 187213 SEP 1960
WEDEL, Leona Clara
WEDEL, Lilly23 AUG 1911
WEDEL, Lincoln19 MAR 19115 JAN 1987
WEDEL, Lois Evelyn6 SEP 191311 JUN 1997
WEDEL, Louis7 MAR 1930
WEDEL, Louise
WEDEL, Luanna2 MAY 1918
WEDEL, Lula9 APR 19061 AUG 1988
WEDEL, Marie2 JUL 188422 FEB 1961
WEDEL, Marvin22 MAR 1935
WEDEL, Mary18781917
WEDEL, Mary Ann13 SEP 1919
WEDEL, Mary Elizabeth19 MAY 1960
WEDEL, Mathew Raymond20 MAR 1990
WEDEL, Matilda24 NOV 18789 JUN 1944
WEDEL, Merlin30 OCT 1932
WEDEL, Nadine Louise22 JAN 1949
WEDEL, Orpah May12 SEP 1916
WEDEL, Peter G H13 MAR 188419 AUG 1959
WEDEL, Phyllis Ann27 MAR 1949
WEDEL, Richard Dean6 MAY 1957
WEDEL, Roger Louis11 JUL 1953
WEDEL, Ronald1 AUG 1940
WEDEL, Ronald Loren15 NOV 1958
WEDEL, Sadie4 APR 1932
WEDEL, Sadie
WEDEL, Sandra10 AUG 1959
WEDEL, Scott16 JAN 1955
WEDEL, Scott David
WEDEL, Simon Eugene30 DEC 1958
WEDEL, Susanna21 OCT 1878JUN 1946
WEDEL, Susie5 JAN 188721 OCT 1948
WEDEL, Susie9 APR 186823 MAR 1951
WEDEL, TerrieAUG 26 1962
WEDEL, Tracy16 SEP 1961
WEDEL, Vernon18 NOV 190114 MAY 1996
WEDEL, Violet
WEDEL, Wayne3 DEC 1938
WEDEL, Wendell
WEDEL, Wesley
WEDEL, William5 AUG 19154 JAN 1992
WEDEL, Winfrid19411942
WEDEL, Winfrid19411942
WEDEL, Winfrid19411942
WEDEL, Winfrid19411942
WEDEL, Winfrid19411942

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