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44 Individuals with the WAKELY-WAKLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Abigail8 Mar 1835
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Abigail HarriettMar 186117 Feb 1881
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Adela18291899
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Alice Maud "Annie"Jun 1906May 1912
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Ann183130 Nov 1915
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Anna Maria23 Nov 1865
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Archibald Robert20 Mar 19301997
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Arthur Edward19 Apr 190117 Dec 1976
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Arthur Edward Osborne26 Jul 192518 Dec 1976
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Arthur William27 Jun 19213 Jun 1942
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Charles182410 Dec 1892
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Emily1866/18671 Aug 1938
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Fanny Georgina185725 Jul 1924
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Frances MurielJan 19066 Aug 1981
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Frederick George185429 Jan 1934
WAKELY-WAKLEY, George10 May 179123 Jan 1863
WAKELY-WAKLEY, George24 Dec 18229 Jan 1875
WAKELY-WAKLEY, George James Louis19 Jan 189721 Oct 1963
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Georgina26 Sep 183612 Sep 1892
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Greta MarySep 189916 Oct 1975
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Hannah Maria10 Nov 18511931
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Henry JohnABT Sep 18871901
WAKELY-WAKLEY, James Farnham9 Oct 19259 Apr 1942
WAKELY-WAKLEY, James Farnham1860/186115 Oct 1937
WAKELY-WAKLEY, John186512 Mar 1866
WAKELY-WAKLEY, John George189519 Mar 1949
WAKELY-WAKLEY, John Henry19 Nov 1928
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Letitia Elizabeth25 Apr 18591934
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Lionel Frank Osborne "Lee" O.B.E.13 May 1930
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Loveday18691870
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Mary Esther1858
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Paulina1867
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Reuben George22 Sep 188925 May 1953
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Ronald William20 Jul 191420 Jan 1916
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Ruth Letitia18271863
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Sarah Letitia1863
WAKELY-WAKLEY, Thomas Henry6 May 19042 Dec 1992
WAKELY-WAKLEY, William "Bill" James16 Dec 19209 Mar 1988
WAKELY-WAKLEY, William Bond1833Aug 1837
WAKELY-WAKLEY, William Bond1862
WAKELY-WAKLEY, William John16 Dec 18639 Jun 1931
WAKELY-WAKLEY, William Thomas5 Oct 188530 Nov 1970

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