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254 Individuals with the WAKELY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAKELY, Abbey WABT 1815
WAKELY, Abigail Harriet19 Mar 186117 Feb 1881
WAKELY, Abner23 Mar 172322 Jul 1769
WAKELY, Abraham17331774
WAKELY, Abraham17351795
WAKELY, Abraham12 Sep 1793Mar 1794
WAKELY, Abraham1829
WAKELY, Abraham1761
WAKELY, Abraham1774
WAKELY, Abraham1762
WAKELY, Abraham17941860
WAKELY, Adaline1816
WAKELY, Alice1873
WAKELY, Alice Maud22 Jun 1882
WAKELY, Alice Maud19061912
WAKELY, Alice Sarah12 Aug 1861
WAKELY, Ann1832
WAKELY, Anna179230 Mar 1794
WAKELY, Anna MariaABT 1920
WAKELY, Anna Maria1856
WAKELY, Anne1795
WAKELY, Anne1795
WAKELY, Annie1878
WAKELY, Archibald Robert19301997
WAKELY, Arthur1880
WAKELY, Arthur Edward Osborne26 Jul 192518 Dec 1976
WAKELY, Arthur William27 Jun 19213 Jun 1942
WAKELY, Betty1764
WAKELY, Blanche16 Jul 191628 May 1972
WAKELY, Blanche1875
WAKELY, BurrABT 1837/1846
WAKELY, Catherine1778
WAKELY, Charles4 Oct 184328 Dec 1916
WAKELY, Charles1866
WAKELY, Charles18491926
WAKELY, Christian1774
WAKELY, ClaraABT Jun 1872ABT 1880
WAKELY, Clara1883
WAKELY, Clara11 Sep 1891
WAKELY, Clifford Holland1891
WAKELY, Clyde F.15 Sep 1909Jun 1970
WAKELY, Cornelia1797AFT 1860
WAKELY, David1770
WAKELY, Donald James19001917
WAKELY, Dorothy Irene Francis6 MAY 190510 DEC 1998
WAKELY, Dorothy Irene Francis6 MAY 190510 DEC 1998
WAKELY, Edith1891
WAKELY, Edmund1793
WAKELY, Elaine Estelle27 Nov 19038 Aug 1904
WAKELY, Elianor
WAKELY, Elisabeth22 Mar 1857
WAKELY, Elizabeth1630
WAKELY, Elizabeth
WAKELY, Elizabeth
WAKELY, Elizabeth1822
WAKELY, Elizabeth1826
WAKELY, Elizabeth1805
WAKELY, Elizabeth176325 Dec 1763
WAKELY, Elizabeth1851
WAKELY, Elizabeth1842
WAKELY, ElizabethDec 1753
WAKELY, Elizabeth Farnham18 Oct 1825Mar 1856
WAKELY, Elizabeth Sarah Anne1851
WAKELY, EllenABT Jun 1873
WAKELY, Ellen ReevesNov 1868Sep 1871
WAKELY, Elsie May3 Oct 1886
WAKELY, Emma1857
WAKELY, Emma Jane28 Jul 1888
WAKELY, Ezra1812
WAKELY, Fanny Georgina185725 Jul 1924
WAKELY, Fanny Jenny Georgina185725 Jul 1924
WAKELY, Florence1874
WAKELY, Frances Susie Zillah29 Jul 19027 Jan 1983
WAKELY, Frank1878
WAKELY, Frank Charles1876
WAKELY, FrederickDec 1873Oct 1874
WAKELY, Frederick18741874
WAKELY, Frederick Charles14 Feb 1890Sep 1890
WAKELY, Frederick Ernest1860
WAKELY, Frederick WilliamMar 189623 Jul 1967
WAKELY, George9 Jun 1842Oct 1842
WAKELY, George1817
WAKELY, George
WAKELY, GeorgeAPR 1849
WAKELY, George Henry1 Jan 18537 Jun 1933
WAKELY, George Henry4 Feb 188313 Apr 1932
WAKELY, George James12 Jan 1857
WAKELY, George Joseph19181937
WAKELY, George William1885
WAKELY, Grace17938 Dec 1824
WAKELY, Greta Mary189916 Oct 1975
WAKELY, HannahJul 186219 Feb 1934
WAKELY, Hannah Jessie26 Apr 189716 Aug 1920
WAKELY, Harriet1791
WAKELY, Harriet Ellen13 Apr 185117 Oct 1919
WAKELY, Harriet Maria30 Nov 182016 Apr 1914
WAKELY, Harry Thomas20 May 18729 Oct 1925
WAKELY, Heney Cleverely18 Jun 189511 Dec 1919
WAKELY, Henry5 Oct 1837
WAKELY, Henry JohnABT Sep 18871901
WAKELY, Herbert Denning1882
WAKELY, Hettie Amy1887
WAKELY, Isaac1737
WAKELY, Isaac1764
WAKELY, Jacob17381739
WAKELY, JamesABT 1660
WAKELY, James1793
WAKELY, James1793
WAKELY, James1851
WAKELY, James1836
WAKELY, James1836
WAKELY, Jane185523 Feb 1934
WAKELY, Jessie18 Feb 1886Sep 1887
WAKELY, JessieABT 18771905
WAKELY, Joanne
WAKELY, Job1757
WAKELY, Job18101873
WAKELY, Job18301831
WAKELY, Johan1675
WAKELY, JohnABT Jun 1773
WAKELY, John27 Jul 1905Nov 1985
WAKELY, John27 Jul 1905Nov 1985
WAKELY, John10 Oct 1878
WAKELY, Johnc.1490 Late 15th Cen
WAKELY, John17591838
WAKELY, John3 Apr 186512 Mar 1866
WAKELY, John17558 Mar 1817
WAKELY, John179726 Dec 1868
WAKELY, John172325 Mar 1792
WAKELY, JohnABT 175015 Mar 1751
WAKELY, JohnABT 175015 Mar 1751
WAKELY, John184217 Jul 1911
WAKELY, JohnABT 184014 Oct 1841
WAKELY, JohnABT 184014 Oct 1841
WAKELY, John Charles
WAKELY, John CharlesDec 18931917
WAKELY, John Delisle9 Oct 186720 Jan 1953
WAKELY, John J.1849
WAKELY, John Jon15 Nov 1735
WAKELY, Joseph1778
WAKELY, KateABT Apr 1871
WAKELY, Leonard Day Wakely18801960
WAKELY, Levet1818
WAKELY, Lida A.SEP 1881
WAKELY, Lionel Frank Osborne O.B.E.13 May 1930
WAKELY, Llewellyn George13 Sep 19078 Oct 1907
WAKELY, Loveday30 Jun 18691 Jul 1870
WAKELY, Mabel1884
WAKELY, Margaret167922 Oct 1681
WAKELY, Margaret Olivia17 Sep 190429 May 1924
WAKELY, MarthaJan 1865AFT 1885
WAKELY, Martha
WAKELY, Martha Jane28 Dec 183714 Mar 1895
WAKELY, Mary1759
WAKELY, Mary1803
WAKELY, Mary1803
WAKELY, Mary A.1848
WAKELY, Mary AdelaAug 1856
WAKELY, Mary Agnes8 Apr 191412 Apr 1914
WAKELY, Mary Ann PollyFeb 1866
WAKELY, Mary Anne1838
WAKELY, Mary Anne1838
WAKELY, Mary Annie12 May 190229 Jun 1931
WAKELY, Mary Maria25 Oct 185717 Jun 1858
WAKELY, Mary Rebecca16 Feb 18501928
WAKELY, Maxwell18851942
WAKELY, Mildred Kathleen13 May 191520 Jan 1999
WAKELY, Milton Thomas29 May 18967 Apr 1950
WAKELY, Moses1772
WAKELY, MowennaABT 1869
WAKELY, Myrtle Delana9 May 188030 Jun 1934
WAKELY, Nancy1843
WAKELY, Nora Ellen1894
WAKELY, Oren1814
WAKELY, Paulina7 Jan 1867AFT 1948
WAKELY, Prascilla1671
WAKELY, Priscilla
WAKELY, Priscilla1823
WAKELY, Rachel1799
WAKELY, Rebecca1642
WAKELY, Reginald GeorgeSep 189812 Mar 1970
WAKELY, RenaABT 1852
WAKELY, Rhoda Mary31 Dec 1889Mar 1977
WAKELY, Richard Ernest7 Feb 188419 Oct 1935
WAKELY, Richard Joseph28 Nov 1921Mar 1980
WAKELY, Robertc 1470,Lastquarter o
WAKELY, Robert Arthur17 Jul 1888
WAKELY, Robert Jr.25 Dec 1834ABT 1847
WAKELY, Robert Richard7 Feb 191726 Dec 1976
WAKELY, Ronald William20 Jul 191420 Jan 1916
WAKELY, RoseABT Mar 1871
WAKELY, Rose19101910
WAKELY, Ruth14 Dec 186230 Apr 1925
WAKELY, Sarah1739
WAKELY, Sarah1796
WAKELY, Sarah1766
WAKELY, Silvester Ciprian164820 Feb 1723
WAKELY, Susan1652
WAKELY, Susannah MMAR-1856C. 1925
WAKELY, Thomas181813 Jul 1872
WAKELY, Thomas18 Sep 18591 Feb 1930
WAKELY, Thomas1868/18691954
WAKELY, Thomas18691954
WAKELY, Thomasc.1490,Late 15th Cen
WAKELY, Thomas8 Jan 18151818
WAKELY, Thomas17671842
WAKELY, Thomas1750
WAKELY, Thomas1750
WAKELY, Thomas Jr.1847
WAKELY, Thomas Laurence24 Feb 1887
WAKELY, Thomas William Jr.ABT Mar 186124 Jul 1861
WAKELY, Thomasin1682
WAKELY, Thomasin1752
WAKELY, Thomasin1721
WAKELY, Walter1540
WAKELY, William1470,Last quarter of
WAKELY, William1821
WAKELY, William17581835
WAKELY, William18001880
WAKELY, William18241887
WAKELY, William1848
WAKELY, William168817 Jul 1763
WAKELY, William1808
WAKELY, William1808
WAKELY, William1759
WAKELY, William1759
WAKELY, William1830
WAKELY, William1830
WAKELY, William
WAKELY, William Bond28 Jan 1833Aug 1837
WAKELY, William Charles24 Oct 1894
WAKELY, William Lake18191904
WAKELY, William Neil21 Jul 190619 Aug 1906
WAKELY, William Steuben8 Aug 1845
WAKELY, William Warren19 Dec 1881
WAKELY, Winifred1886

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