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53 Individuals with the WAID Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAID, Archabold25 JUL 1919
WAID, Benjamin Thomas4 Nov 1894
WAID, Bettie Lou
WAID, Betty June
WAID, Billie Moore Dudley
WAID, Blanche
WAID, Clayton Merritt4 SEP 1894
WAID, Clyde Archabold30 JAN 1892
WAID, David RayPrivate
WAID, Delbert Duane4 OCT 18572 DEC 1928
WAID, Delbert Duane18 MAY 18868 MAY 1933
WAID, Deloris M.6 AUG 1929
WAID, Donald Edwin21 NOV 1932
WAID, Dreama Ann Woodson
WAID, Duane Crandell19 MAY 1930
WAID, E.C.2 MAY 1904
WAID, Edward14 MAY 1926
WAID, Fay Thomas4 SEP 1894
WAID, Fulton Housman11 DEC 192123 OCT 1922
WAID, Fulton Lewis
WAID, Fulton Thompkins10 OCT 189826 NOV 1973
WAID, Ida Inez19 JAN 1917
WAID, Ivan
WAID, James
WAID, Jenece Marie16 MAY 1949
WAID, Joan Annette
WAID, John Joseph25 APR 1934
WAID, Joseph W.1804
WAID, Joseph W.1804
WAID, Karen Meade
WAID, Karen Meade
WAID, Lillian Helen19 JUN 1916
WAID, MaryABT 1925
WAID, MaryPrivate
WAID, Mathew Vance21 Feb 195917 Aug 1959
WAID, Mathew Vance21 Feb 195917 Aug 1959
WAID, May Ethel4 SEP 1894
WAID, Merle Fay22 FEB 1935
WAID, O.W. Wortham4 OCT 1920
WAID, Powell Bernard
WAID, Powell Bernard
WAID, Robert Archer Prease
WAID, Roderick Lee 'Roddy'
WAID, Roderick Lee 'Roddy'
WAID, Sallie Randolph
WAID, Sarah A.182323 Aug 1887
WAID, Thelma Louise1 JUN 1914
WAID, Walter Clarence1 OCT 1946
WAID, Walter Eugene6 OCT 190620 JUN 1972
WAID, Walter William2 SEP 18783 MAY 1965
WAID, Winfield Scott WingfieldCA 1853

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