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21 Individuals with the WAHAB Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAHAB, Charles E.28 Sep 18767 Jan 1954
WAHAB, Emma S.15 Jul 187817 Feb 1971
WAHAB, Emma Smith21 Jul 1919
WAHAB, Harry Leigh9 Jul 1914
WAHAB, Harry W.30 May 188213 May 1966
WAHAB, Hattie G.24 May 188918 Jul 1969
WAHAB, Howard S.21 May 1917
WAHAB, Isabell Don6 Mar 1917
WAHAB, James H. , Jr5 Jun 187425 Sep 1937
WAHAB, James H. , Sr23 Oct 18417 Mar 1919
WAHAB, John U.28 Sep 187612 Jul 1877
WAHAB, Lidie Boomer15 Sep 1922
WAHAB, Louis L.15 Jul 18781 Aug 1879
WAHAB, Malvina22 Sep 18848 Jan 1885
WAHAB, Malvina17 Feb 1913
WAHAB, Marcia Louise18 Nov 1910
WAHAB, Mary Lee16 Sep 191110 Nov 1911
WAHAB, Muriel Louise14 Oct 1914
WAHAB, Sarah E.3 Dec 1919
WAHAB, Walter Wellington10 Nov 191117 Dec 1911
WAHAB, William Welborn31 May 188625 Dec 1955

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