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14 Individuals with the WAGENAAR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAGENAAR, Andries Jans20 SEP 176931 JAN 1830
WAGENAAR, Andries Jans176531 JAN 1830
WAGENAAR, Anna Barbara
WAGENAAR, Auke Jans22 OCT 187320 DEC 1899
WAGENAAR, Fijtje22-AUG-187011-DEC-1942
WAGENAAR, Jacoba1754
WAGENAAR, Jan Christoffel1730
WAGENAAR, Jan Minnes17 FEB 184022 JAN 1874
WAGENAAR, Johanna Elizabeth
WAGENAAR, Luitzen Jans28 NOV 186616 AUG 1881
WAGENAAR, Minne Andries18084 NOV 1872
WAGENAAR, Minne Jans17 NOV 1869
WAGENAAR, Taetske Andries18 JAN 179220 JAN 1841
WAGENAAR, Trijntje Jans6 AUG 1864

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