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78 Individuals with the WAGAMAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAGAMAN, (Polly) Mary1815?
WAGAMAN, Agnes12-6-18741897
WAGAMAN, Alphonsus L.7-23-186812-15-1918
WAGAMAN, Alvin10-20-1964
WAGAMAN, Andrew7-26-1958
WAGAMAN, Andrew10-18-18421852
WAGAMAN, Ann Marie7-20-1972
WAGAMAN, Bernadette J.1-30-18918-22-1975
WAGAMAN, Bonnie Loucinda
WAGAMAN, Brian Rubin
WAGAMAN, Carol Frances
WAGAMAN, Carolyn
WAGAMAN, Catherine12-26-1813
WAGAMAN, Catherine M.3-19-18393-25-1926
WAGAMAN, Clara Ethel18891896
WAGAMAN, Claude E.18841945
WAGAMAN, Dolores
WAGAMAN, Dorenda
WAGAMAN, Eli Joseph18746-14-1874
WAGAMAN, Elizabeth4-2-1812
WAGAMAN, Elizabeth7-29-18591873
WAGAMAN, Elizabeth C.7-1-18701945
WAGAMAN, Elverta26 Oct 1907
WAGAMAN, Estella J.12-21-18791971
WAGAMAN, Felix18758-14-1875
WAGAMAN, Francis Henry "FH"1-10-186411-9-1952
WAGAMAN, Fredrick8-14-17805-14-1855
WAGAMAN, Grace Ann Louise4-27-18951969
WAGAMAN, Henry3-8-18541850'S
WAGAMAN, Henry W.7-10-18103-26-1877
WAGAMAN, Jackquelin8-25-1968
WAGAMAN, Jacob1715
WAGAMAN, Jacqueline
WAGAMAN, James18191891
WAGAMAN, James7-11-1960
WAGAMAN, Janice Marie
WAGAMAN, Janice Marie
WAGAMAN, Jeanette5-27-1959
WAGAMAN, John11-21-1955
WAGAMAN, John1817
WAGAMAN, John4-10-18371-26-1898
WAGAMAN, John H., Jr.
WAGAMAN, John Henry8-5-19091970
WAGAMAN, John T.18721950
WAGAMAN, Joseph4-16-1963
WAGAMAN, Julia6-14-18471-7-1907
WAGAMAN, Kathleen Annie7-8-1935
WAGAMAN, Margaret Mary3-23-1938
WAGAMAN, Marie Brogan11-23-18979-13-1976
WAGAMAN, Mark Francis3-12-19035-20-1978
WAGAMAN, Martha Lou
WAGAMAN, Martha Lou
WAGAMAN, Mary3-21-184912-22-1921
WAGAMAN, Mary Agnes7-2-18651946
WAGAMAN, Mary Jane
WAGAMAN, Matthew P.
WAGAMAN, Maurice Leo4-25-18959-5-1951
WAGAMAN, Mildred
WAGAMAN, Patricia Estella4-24-19124-7-1943
WAGAMAN, Paul David
WAGAMAN, Peter12-31-18409-22-1905
WAGAMAN, Philip Joseph3-29-1934
WAGAMAN, Pius Ignatius5-6-18821945
WAGAMAN, Quintin Narcissus10-29-1905
WAGAMAN, Raphael Joseph "Jack"7-21-1904
WAGAMAN, Ray Edwin
WAGAMAN, Ray Edwin
WAGAMAN, Richard
WAGAMAN, Sara Agnes "The Babe"9-16-19007-1-1930
WAGAMAN, Sarah18871907
WAGAMAN, Sarah Regina10-23-18354-15-1923
WAGAMAN, Thomas12-15-1965
WAGAMAN, William

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