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51 Individuals with the WADEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WADEL, Andrew12 NOV 1917
WADEL, Andrew D25 FEB 18667 AUG 1932
WADEL, Arlin Jay3 FEB 1958
WADEL, Barbara Jean4 JAN 1946
WADEL, Charles Wayne8 JAN 1962
WADEL, Darrell L25 APR 1946
WADEL, David
WADEL, David D
WADEL, David D30 SEP 187010 MAY 1938
WADEL, Della20 MAR 189321 OCT 1928
WADEL, Donna Faye19 MAY 1942
WADEL, Edith31 OCT 189718 MAY 1948
WADEL, Elizabeth23 JUN 187312 JUL 1942
WADEL, Elizabeth14 JUN 188911 AUG 1978
WADEL, Esther13 NOV 19014 OCT 1902
WADEL, Floyd M16 AUG 1933
WADEL, Frances Marie17 AUG 1916
WADEL, Frank4 JUN 1919
WADEL, Harold Arthur3 OCT 1929
WADEL, Harry21 MAR 1908
WADEL, Hattie Helen16 NOV 190317 JAN 1964
WADEL, Helena7 JUL 189625 DEC 1896
WADEL, Irvin10 MAR 190530 DEC 1967
WADEL, J D11 APR 1955
WADEL, Jacob13 JAN 190615 MAR 1962
WADEL, Jessie9 SEP 1916
WADEL, Jonas23 SEP 189025 DEC 1890
WADEL, Kathy Sue1 APR 1959
WADEL, Katie4 OCT 18914 DEC 1962
WADEL, Lester D2 MAR 191510 SEP 1995
WADEL, Linda Sue10 NOV 1949
WADEL, Lloyd Dean1 SEP 1934
WADEL, Lodie
WADEL, Louie7 APR 19111 AUG 1978
WADEL, Mae23 NOV 19037 FEB 1905
WADEL, Martha Ann6 SEP 1961
WADEL, Norma Joan12 DEC 1936
WADEL, Patricia
WADEL, Patricia
WADEL, Pearl Ethel6 MAY 19098 DEC 1985
WADEL, Raymond E13 MAR 1932
WADEL, Sarah27 JAN 189521 JUL 1895
WADEL, Sayde E4 APR 189819 NOV 1977
WADEL, Sharon Ann25 NOV 1945
WADEL, Sheldon James11 AUG 1960
WADEL, Sherril Ann22 OCT 1940
WADEL, Steven Ray22 DEC 1955
WADEL, Susan Dianne9 AUG 1964
WADEL, Walter Dean30 DEC 1943
WADEL, William Earl1 DEC 1942

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