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26 Individuals with the VALLONE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
VALLONE, Anna Maria7 Jan 1845
VALLONE, Antonina
VALLONE, Antonino Nicolo'18 Nov 1805
VALLONE, CalogeraAbt 18043 Aug 1829
VALLONE, Calogera Giuseppa13 Dec 180210 Mar 1862
VALLONE, CalogeroAbt 175331 Mar 1837
VALLONE, GiacomoAbt 177114 Apr 1826
VALLONE, Giacomo
VALLONE, GiorgioAbt 174617 Mar 1816
VALLONE, Giovanni11 Nov 1820
VALLONE, Giuseppa
VALLONE, GiuseppaAbt 17807 Dec 1822
VALLONE, Leonarda
VALLONE, Lucchina24 Jul 1815
VALLONE, Maria10 Sep 1836
VALLONE, MatteoAbt 171610 Sep 1806
VALLONE, MatteoAbt 180710 May 1864
VALLONE, Nicolo'
VALLONE, Rosa14 May 1842
VALLONE, SalvadoreAbt 177228 Nov 1810
VALLONE, SalvadoreAbt 1818
VALLONE, SalvatoreAbt 178222 Jun 1832
VALLONE, ThomasPrivate
VALLONE, Vincenza6 May 1832

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