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57 Individuals with the VALLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
VALLEY, Amber Rose25 AUG 1988
VALLEY, Angela Mary13 MAR 1972
VALLEY, Artillian
VALLEY, August10 APR 185827 JUL 1929
VALLEY, Austin Lee17 DEC 2001
VALLEY, Bette Jane1 APR 1949
VALLEY, Carl John10 DEC 191129 JUN 1989
VALLEY, Charles
VALLEY, Child Five
VALLEY, Child Four
VALLEY, Child One
VALLEY, Child Seven
VALLEY, Child Six
VALLEY, Child Three
VALLEY, Child Two
VALLEY, Crystal Lynn
VALLEY, Crystal Lynn
VALLEY, Crystal Rose22 OCT 1983
VALLEY, Dallas John28 JUL 1936
VALLEY, Donald Lee20 OCT 1946
VALLEY, Edith Marie19 FEB 18982 JAN 1982
VALLEY, Elizabeth
VALLEY, Eric Lee6 SEP 1969
VALLEY, Eva19 DEC 18998 AUG 1978
VALLEY, George
VALLEY, George
VALLEY, Goldie4 AUG 18881977
VALLEY, Jeannette Mary22 MAY 1934
VALLEY, Jesse Charles
VALLEY, Jesse Charles
VALLEY, Judith
VALLEY, Kaitlyn Marie12 NOV 1999
VALLEY, Lori Ann5 NOV 1959
VALLEY, Marcella
VALLEY, Margaret16 DEC 190713 JAN 1942
VALLEY, Margaret16 DEC 190713 JAN 1942
VALLEY, Mary Harriet23 OCT 18941 OCT 1982
VALLEY, Mary Harriet23 OCT 18941 OCT 1982
VALLEY, Michael John2 MAR 1961
VALLEY, Oliver
VALLEY, PearlABT 1915
VALLEY, Raymond J.20 DEC 190820 JAN 1989
VALLEY, Rilla E.16 MAR 190215 JUN 1991
VALLEY, Robert Charles
VALLEY, Robert Charles
VALLEY, Sharon Ann15 JUN 1943
VALLEY, Thelma G.28 JUN 19142 FEB 2005
VALLEY, Violet E.20 MAY 189619 MAY 1981
VALLEY, Virginia Kay20 JAN 194820 JAN 1948
VALLEY, Walter18795 JUN 1914

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