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27 Individuals with the VACURA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
VACURA, Adele Marie
VACURA, Andrew
VACURA, Angela Denise
VACURA, Ann Marie
VACURA, Brian Allen
VACURA, Brooklyn Ann
VACURA, Brylee Ann
VACURA, Cory Wayne
VACURA, David Wayne
VACURA, Debra S.
VACURA, Emil John19 APR 190714 AUG 1976
VACURA, Emil John , Jr.
VACURA, Irene Adele
VACURA, Jana ReNae
VACURA, Janis Arlene
VACURA, Jeremy Allen
VACURA, Julie Ann
VACURA, Lori Ann
VACURA, Lucille Ann16 SEP 1935OCT 1996
VACURA, Marvin Andrew
VACURA, Megan DeAnn
VACURA, Michael Allen
VACURA, Morris Dominick
VACURA, Robert John18 DEC 196618 DEC 1966
VACURA, Robert Leroy5 AUG 194030 APR 1978
VACURA, Scott Allen

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