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22 Individuals with the UZILLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UZILLE, Anna7 Mar 1733
UZILLE, Catharina16 Dec 1744
UZILLE, CorneliaApr 1693
UZILLE, DavidAFT 1662
UZILLE, David1 Feb 1708
UZILLE, DavidAFT 1662
UZILLE, ElisabethBEF 1777
UZILLE, ElizabethMay 1701
UZILLE, Engletje
UZILLE, HelenaMar 1696
UZILLE, JanSep 1688
UZILLE, Janneke15 Sep 1739
UZILLE, Maria6 Jan 1731
UZILLE, Maria1662
UZILLE, Peter16 Aug 1747
UZILLE, Petrus9 Apr 1735
UZILLE, Petrus8 Feb 1738
UZILLE, Pieter14 Jan 1660AFT 1724
UZILLE, PieterABT 1703ABT 1747
UZILLE, PieterABT 1703ABT 1747
UZILLE, Pieter14 Jan 1660AFT 1724
UZILLE, SophiaMay 1691

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