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406 Individuals with the UPTON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UPTON, ?Emma18891958
UPTON, ?Emma18891958
UPTON, Absalom19 Apr 182618 Nov 1899
UPTON, Absalom19 Apr 182618 Nov 1899
UPTON, Adrian LaVaughn26 AUG 19353 DEC 1944
UPTON, Albertabt 1893
UPTON, Alexander Alfred1870
UPTON, AlfredOCT 1889
UPTON, Alfredabt 1900
UPTON, Alice28 JUN 1852
UPTON, AllieWFT Est 1868-1891WFT Est 1911-1980
UPTON, Alma6 SEP 1879
UPTON, Amelia15 FEB 187131 DEC 1886
UPTON, Amie1 FEB 161722 JUL 1660
UPTON, Amy10 AUG 1771
UPTON, Andrew Robert22-MAY-1970
UPTON, Ann1666
UPTON, AnnAbt 1786
UPTON, Annabel Vanessa31 DEC 1994
UPTON, AnneAbt 1800
UPTON, Anne1572
UPTON, Anne1778
UPTON, Annie
UPTON, Annie Elizabeth18731875
UPTON, Annie Labt 1890
UPTON, Archibald Morris21 DEC 18616 JAN 1862
UPTON, Arthur12 NOV 188210 FEB 1944
UPTON, Arthur Norman00 000 191223 SEP 1987
UPTON, AsaABT 1724
UPTON, Avery GuyMar 1895
UPTON, Avice or Alice
UPTON, Barbara24-MAR-1940
UPTON, Beatriceabt 1888
UPTON, Blanche1903
UPTON, Blanche00 000 1880
UPTON, BrendanPrivate
UPTON, Charles30 APR 183328 JUN 1889
UPTON, Charles00 000 1880
UPTON, Charles4 AUG 1863
UPTON, Charles Fabt 1878
UPTON, Charles J.
UPTON, Charles Joseph Sr.
UPTON, Charles Morris8 APR 1874
UPTON, Charles Newton17 Nov 1873
UPTON, Christine Mary18 MAR 1916
UPTON, Christopher18681931
UPTON, Christopher Gabt 1890
UPTON, Christopher James29-OCT-1959
UPTON, Clara29 OCT 1875
UPTON, Clara May18 May 189428 Feb 1962
UPTON, Clotworthy16 APR 1785
UPTON, CollinPrivate
UPTON, Colmore
UPTON, Commodore P.
UPTON, Croix Edward5 SEP 1938
UPTON, Cyndy
UPTON, Daisy1907
UPTON, Damelza Gail Maria15-JUL-1981
UPTON, Daniel23 JAN 18088 MAY 1817
UPTON, Daniel Madison28 May 1839
UPTON, David
UPTON, David Gregory
UPTON, David Ross
UPTON, Denzel
UPTON, DevinPrivate
UPTON, Donald27-JAN-1929
UPTON, Doreen Lesbia
UPTON, DortheaAbt 1799
UPTON, Edward
UPTON, Edward1768
UPTON, Edward Thomas16 JUL 188324 DEC 1959
UPTON, Effie Lucy10 SEP 1918
UPTON, Elanor May26 JUL 188129 JUN 1953
UPTON, EleanorAbt 165620 APR 1663
UPTON, Eleanor (Ellen)11 Aug 180611 Jul 1881
UPTON, Elijah31 Aug 178228 Aug 1862
UPTON, ElijahWFT Est 1847-1876WFT Est 1853-1955
UPTON, Elijah
UPTON, Elijah31 Aug 178228 Aug 1862
UPTON, ElijahWFT Est. 1847-1876WFT Est. 1853-1955
UPTON, Elijah Wood
UPTON, Eliza1 APR 181200 000 1861
UPTON, Eliza Alice00 000 1868
UPTON, Eliza Susan Belsey23 JUL 182630 JUL 1912
UPTON, ElizabethABT 1570
UPTON, Elizabeth30 SEP 1802
UPTON, ElizabethABT 1786
UPTON, Elizabeth
UPTON, ElizabethABT 1560
UPTON, Elizabeth
UPTON, ElizabethAbt 1817Feb 1899
UPTON, ElizabethABT 1840
UPTON, Elizabeth1812
UPTON, Elizabeth Albinia25 MAY 1844
UPTON, Elizabeth Catherine "Eliza"15 Mar 18541 Jun 1888
UPTON, Elizabeth Hope
UPTON, Ellenabt 1895
UPTON, EllisWFT Est. 1895-19261978
UPTON, Eluah1833
UPTON, Eluah1833
UPTON, Elva Belsey28 FEB 189428 MAR 1956
UPTON, Emily Jane20 APR 185911 MAY 1912
UPTON, EricAbt 1892
UPTON, Ernestine
UPTON, Ernestine
UPTON, Ethelabt 1898
UPTON, Ethel Christine14 SEP 1882
UPTON, Ethel Grace11 JUL 188516 AUG 1886
UPTON, Eunice MaeMay 1912Jul 1935
UPTON, Ezekiel
UPTON, Ezekiel
UPTON, EzekielSEP 1668
UPTON, FrancesWFT Est 1740-1763WFT Est 1785-1851
UPTON, FrancesAbt 1611
UPTON, FrancesWFT Est. 1740-1763WFT Est. 1785-1851
UPTON, Frances Theresa26 FEB 1920
UPTON, Francis1 JUL 16719 DEC 1694
UPTON, FrankMAY 18911947
UPTON, Frederick1880NOV 1917
UPTON, Frederick Charlesabt 18951926
UPTON, Frederick James Frank1920
UPTON, Frederick K00 000 18755 APR 1966
UPTON, Frederick Thomas18611942
UPTON, GeoffreyABT 15114 MAY 1583
UPTON, GeoffreyABT 15114 MAY 1583
UPTON, GeorgeABT 1825BEF 1915
UPTON, GeorgeABT 188812 NOV 1918
UPTON, George1845
UPTON, George Wabt 1898
UPTON, Georgina27 Nov 1979
UPTON, Giles18-APR-190000-___-1972
UPTON, GladysAbt 1885
UPTON, Goefry
UPTON, Gwendolyn
UPTON, Hannah
UPTON, HannahABT 1736
UPTON, Hannah
UPTON, Hannah Jane30-NOV-1990
UPTON, Harley
UPTON, Haroldabt 1893
UPTON, Harriet1848
UPTON, Hazel
UPTON, Helen AliconABT 19175 AUG 1986
UPTON, HenryABT 1886
UPTON, Henry17 Dec 1835
UPTON, Henry Albert18631937
UPTON, Henry C1884
UPTON, Heritage1816WFT Est 1840-1910
UPTON, Heritage1816WFT Est. 1840-1910
UPTON, Hershel
UPTON, HettieWFT Est 1847-1876WFT Est 1852-1957
UPTON, HettieWFT Est. 1847-1876WFT Est. 1852-1957
UPTON, Hilda Florence31 AUG 188927 MAY 1960
UPTON, Hinton1939
UPTON, Hinton1939
UPTON, Honor21 OCT 1621
UPTON, Horaceabt 1896
UPTON, Hubert H.
UPTON, IdaABT 1882
UPTON, Isaac19 May 17761857
UPTON, Isabel3 JAN 16676 DEC 1689
UPTON, Isabel9 MAR 1622
UPTON, Isabell1425
UPTON, Isabell1425
UPTON, Jake Eugene13 JAN 1932
UPTON, JamesWFT Est 1847-1876WFT Est 1853-1955
UPTON, JamesSEP 16601 MAY 1720
UPTON, JamesWFT Est. 1847-1876WFT Est. 1853-1955
UPTON, James00 000 191100 000 1972
UPTON, James18031848
UPTON, Jamesabt 1875
UPTON, James18 Dec 1853
UPTON, James1805
UPTON, James B1822WFT Est 1866-1914
UPTON, James B1822WFT Est. 1866-1914
UPTON, James C.
UPTON, James Thomas1827
UPTON, James WABT 1860
UPTON, James William1850
UPTON, Jane23 MAY 1626
UPTON, JaneAbt 1834
UPTON, JanieWFT Est 1847-1876WFT Est 1852-1957
UPTON, JanieWFT Est. 1847-1876WFT Est. 1852-1957
UPTON, Jean UrsulaABT 1919
UPTON, Jennifer Margaret Anne20 OCT 196120 OCT 1961
UPTON, Jeremy Charles14-FEB-1957
UPTON, Joanne Susan09-JAN-1973
UPTON, JohnABT 14801516
UPTON, JohnWFT Est 1847-1876WFT Est 1853-1955
UPTON, JohnABT 1325
UPTON, JohnAbt 162511 JUL 1699
UPTON, John16541721
UPTON, JohnWFT Est. 1847-1876WFT Est. 1853-1955
UPTON, John1762
UPTON, JohnAbt 16551723
UPTON, John30 May 1847
UPTON, JohnBef 1 Dec 1652
UPTON, JohnAbt 1786
UPTON, JohnAbt 1735
UPTON, John1764
UPTON, John Henry18561936
UPTON, John James
UPTON, John Robert1900
UPTON, Jolynn12 JUL 1941
UPTON, Jolynn12 JUL 1941
UPTON, Jonathan Sprague26 DEC 1838
UPTON, JosephWFT Est 1731-1760WFT Est 1785-1845
UPTON, Joseph9 APR 16701753
UPTON, JosephWFT Est. 1731-1760WFT Est. 1785-1845
UPTON, Joseph17 Jun 1849
UPTON, Joseph20 Apr 1842
UPTON, Joseph A.8 OCT 184617 DEC 1925
UPTON, Joseph Alistair17 OCT 2001
UPTON, Joseph W.
UPTON, Judith Irene Amor
UPTON, Juduthan
UPTON, Judy1780/1790
UPTON, Julia AnnABT. 1816
UPTON, Julian Edward
UPTON, June23 JUN 1922
UPTON, KenAbt 1890
UPTON, Kenneth
UPTON, Kym Anthony15 Nov 196230 Sep 1964
UPTON, Larry Lovelle24 JAN 1967
UPTON, Laura Anne26 JAN 1968
UPTON, Laura Jane15 Jan 186715 May 1953
UPTON, Laurence Christopher Oliver22-MAY-1990
UPTON, Lavina
UPTON, Lavonda
UPTON, Layne Rogers25 JUN 1971
UPTON, Leslie Eugene1 FEB 1907
UPTON, Leslie Farrar22 NOV 188718 JUL 1964
UPTON, Lila Violet5 OCT 189416 DEC 1989
UPTON, LilianJUN 1884
UPTON, Lilian Thomasine02 MAY 188708 SEP 1964

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