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814 Individuals with the UNK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----1915
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, -----
UNK, Abigail
UNK, Abigail
UNK, Ada
UNK, Adelaide
UNK, AdeliaABT 176514 JAN 1845
UNK, Adelia D.
UNK, Adeline1825
UNK, Agnes Eloise29 JUL 190322 JAN 1979
UNK, Agnes L
UNK, AliceABT 1484
UNK, Alice
UNK, AliceDEC 18481900
UNK, Alice
UNK, AliceOCT 1873
UNK, AliceFEB 1859
UNK, AliceABT 1861
UNK, Alice
UNK, Alice J HDEC 1867
UNK, Alice K.1875
UNK, Alice RABT 1883
UNK, Alison
UNK, AlliceFEB 1868
UNK, Almira
UNK, Alvie GFEB 1864
UNK, Amber
UNK, AmeliaABT 180028 SEP 1863
UNK, Amy C.5 FEB 1928
UNK, Andy
UNK, AngieABT 1853
UNK, AnnABT 1506
UNK, AnnABT 1841
UNK, AnnABT 1807
UNK, AnnABT 174027 JAN 1815
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann
UNK, Ann
UNK, AnnABT 1828
UNK, AnnaABT 1719
UNK, AnnaABT 1871
UNK, Anna1846
UNK, AnnaSEP 1858
UNK, Anna28 JUN 1893AFT 1968
UNK, AnnaFEB 1874
UNK, Anna
UNK, Anna Lee17 MAR 186830 JAN 1946
UNK, Anna Lee
UNK, Anna Mae
UNK, Anna MariaABT 18250 OCT 1862
UNK, Anna Marie (Seitz)
UNK, Anne
UNK, Annette
UNK, AnnetteABT 1824AFT 1860
UNK, AnnieAPR 1864
UNK, Annie
UNK, Antie
UNK, Avelina
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Barbara E.10 OCT 1904JAN 1990
UNK, Barbara J.
UNK, Beatrice
UNK, Becca
UNK, BelleABT 1872
UNK, Benjamin
UNK, Bertha M.
UNK, BessieNOV 1872
UNK, BessieMAR 1873
UNK, BetseyABT 1784
UNK, BetsyABT 1790ABT 1842
UNK, Betsy
UNK, Bettie
UNK, Betty
UNK, Betty
UNK, Betty J.
UNK, Beulah
UNK, Billie
UNK, Billy
UNK, Billye
UNK, Blanche M.
UNK, Bonnie
UNK, Brad
UNK, Brian D.
UNK, Bryant
UNK, Carol Ann4 JUL 1950
UNK, Carol Ruth7 MAR 190115 MAY 2001
UNK, CarolineABT 1840
UNK, CarolineOCT 1834
UNK, Caroline MABT 1875
UNK, Caroline N.
UNK, Carrie F.
UNK, Carrie GSEP 1865AFT 1900
UNK, Carrie Phebe1857
UNK, CatharinaABT 166919 MAR 1734
UNK, CatharineABT 1813
UNK, Catharine C.
UNK, Catherine
UNK, Catherine
UNK, Catherine
UNK, CatherineABT 1835
UNK, Catherine
UNK, Catherine B16 FEB 1917
UNK, Catherine CDEC 1874
UNK, Catherine EABT 1849
UNK, Cecil D.
UNK, Celestia1834
UNK, Chaline A.18 JUN 191017 JAN 1986
UNK, Charlene
UNK, Charlotte
UNK, Chistena1785
UNK, ChristinaABT 167318 MAR 1736
UNK, Christine
UNK, Cindy
UNK, ClaraABT 1855
UNK, ClaraFEB 1854
UNK, Clara D.31 JUL 190029 AUG 1956
UNK, Clara F.1884
UNK, Clara L16 FEB 188227 MAR 1962
UNK, Clara MOCT 1871
UNK, Clara M.JAN 1854ABT 1924
UNK, Clara M.ABT 1900
UNK, Clara Mae
UNK, Clara W.MAR 1865
UNK, Clare E.
UNK, ClarisaABT 1810
UNK, Clarrina
UNK, Cleo28 OCT 192028 NOV 1990
UNK, CoraAPR 1877
UNK, Cora Adelia24 AUG 1878MAR 1975
UNK, Cora PABT 1894
UNK, David Paul9 JUN 1951
UNK, Debbie
UNK, Deborah
UNK, Deborah24 MAR 18507 FEB 1925
UNK, Deborah
UNK, della5 SEP 189213 NOV 1983
UNK, Delores
UNK, Denise
UNK, Dianne
UNK, Donna
UNK, Dora G
UNK, Doris
UNK, DORTHAABT. 181031 Dec 1845
UNK, DORTHAABT. 181031 Dec 1845
UNK, DORTHAABT. 181031 Dec 1845
UNK, Dottie1 MAR 1905JUN 1984
UNK, Edith
UNK, EdithABT 1564JUN 1612
UNK, Edith
UNK, Edith
UNK, EdithABT 1910
UNK, EdithDEC 1878
UNK, Edith C
UNK, Edith L.1885
UNK, Edna
UNK, Edna W.
UNK, Effie1883
UNK, Eleanor
UNK, Elen E2 AUG 1851
UNK, ElizaOCT 1827
UNK, Eliza AJUN 1830
UNK, Eliza JNOV 1849
UNK, Elizabeth1413
UNK, ElizabethABT 1796
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, ElizabethOCT 1873
UNK, ElizabethAbt 1842UNKNOWN
UNK, ElizabethSEP 1870
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, ElizabethABT 1842
UNK, ElizabethABT 1842
UNK, ElizabethABT 1834
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, ElizabethABT 1832
UNK, ElizabethAPR 1880
UNK, Elizabeth1832
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, ElizabethABT 1799BET 1860 AND 1870
UNK, ElizabethBEF 1930
UNK, ElizabethABT 1838
UNK, Elizabeth "Betsy" (L.nameABT 1790ABT 1845
UNK, Elizabeth (L. nameABT 1725
UNK, Elizabeth (L. nameABT 16901858
UNK, Elizabeth (L.nameABT 1750
UNK, Elizabeth ?
UNK, Elizabeth B.ABT 1884ABT 1951
UNK, Elizabeth KOCT 1835
UNK, Elizabeth M
UNK, EllaAUG 1864
UNK, EllaNOV 1862
UNK, EllaABT 1845
UNK, EllaABT 1851
UNK, Ella G.1847
UNK, Ella HABT 1855
UNK, Ella Mae
UNK, Ella T.ABT 1868
UNK, Ellen B.
UNK, Elsie
UNK, Elsie
UNK, Emaline E
UNK, Emelin JDEC 1861
UNK, EmilyFEB 1859
UNK, EmilyABT 1816
UNK, EmmaAFT 1884
UNK, EmmaMAR 1868
UNK, EmmaABT 1851
UNK, Emma DOCT 1854AFT 1900
UNK, Emma LABT 1851
UNK, Emma L.18471917
UNK, Erin
UNK, Ester FABT 1853
UNK, Esther S.
UNK, Ethel
UNK, Ethel H
UNK, Ethel M.
UNK, EttaABT 1888ABT 1928
UNK, Etta
UNK, EuniceABT 1833
UNK, Eunice
UNK, Eunice
UNK, EvaOCT 1850Unk
UNK, EvaOCT 1850Unk
UNK, Eva A or HJUL 1855

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