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23 Individuals with the UMBER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UMBER, Alice1871/1872
UMBER, Blanch Corinne1883
UMBER, Curtis Elmer21 May 190630 Dec 1906
UMBER, Eliza1849
UMBER, Elnora26 Nov 191222 Sep 1998
UMBER, Fannie H.
UMBER, Fannie H.
UMBER, Florence Grace30 Jun 188726 Jul 1973
UMBER, George Elmer9 Apr 18784 Oct 1954
UMBER, George Henry19 Sep 184011 Aug 1914
UMBER, Henry1842
UMBER, Henry Arthur7 Jan 186510 Dec 1940
UMBER, Howard ElliotABT 1865
UMBER, John de Galaford1873/1874
UMBER, Lewis1838
UMBER, LillianABT 1865
UMBER, Margaret CeceliaABT 1880
UMBER, Margaret Christine8 Mar 1920
UMBER, Mary1846
UMBER, Norma19 Aug 190717 Feb 1997
UMBER, Pearle27 Mar 191121 Feb 1974
UMBER, Royal Elmer16 Oct 188519 Nov 1963
UMBER, Stanley28 Mar 1909

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