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33 Individuals with the ULREY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ULREY, Catherine (Kate)18531932
ULREY, Clyde L.
ULREY, Eileen
ULREY, Eileen
ULREY, Elizabeth29 MAR 181115 DEC 1894
ULREY, Elizabeth2 AUG 185214 NOV 1909
ULREY, Elizabeth A.29 NOV 183119 MAR 1917
ULREY, Ellen30 MAY 18612 FEB 1902
ULREY, George11 APR 1852
ULREY, Glenn Lewis13 Jun 1906
ULREY, HenryNOV 185027 DEC 1911
ULREY, Henry W.18671941
ULREY, Ida1938
ULREY, Jacob16 FEB 18297 OCT 1916
ULREY, Jacob B.8 May 190123 Oct 1982
ULREY, Jacob B.ABT. 1848BEF. 1903
ULREY, Jacob B.8 May 190123 Oct 1982
ULREY, Jefferson
ULREY, John18571935
ULREY, John W.18451925
ULREY, Joseph C.18691941
ULREY, MaryABT 1755
ULREY, MaryABT 1755
ULREY, Nettie
ULREY, Nettie
ULREY, Samuel P.18501935
ULREY, StephenABT. 1859
ULREY, Stephen C.9 MAY 182329 APR 1903
ULREY, Steven
ULREY, Susanna18541911

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