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45 Individuals with the UHRICK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UHRICK, BarbaryABT 1835
UHRICK, CardeliaOCT 1840
UHRICK, Charles29 SEP 19285 JUN 2005
UHRICK, CharlesABT 1875
UHRICK, ChesterABT 1906
UHRICK, Clifford C.6 OCT 1904
UHRICK, ClydeABT 1910
UHRICK, DanielABT 1834
UHRICK, Daniel1879
UHRICK, DeuliaABT 1900
UHRICK, Dianne J.
UHRICK, Dianne J.26 FEB 1938
UHRICK, Doyle C.25 MAR 1915
UHRICK, Effie M.10 MAR 1911
UHRICK, HarryABT 1903
UHRICK, Harry C.ABT 1841
UHRICK, HenryABT 180014 JUL 1895
UHRICK, HenryABT 1844
UHRICK, Ida B.ABT 1868
UHRICK, Ira1874
UHRICK, JacobABT 1852
UHRICK, Jacob F.26 OCT 19004 SEP 1984
UHRICK, Jacob F.19014-SEP-1984
UHRICK, James C.APR 1870
UHRICK, Joanne J.
UHRICK, Joanne J.26 FEB 1938
UHRICK, JohnABT 1867
UHRICK, John H.1876
UHRICK, JosephABT 1837
UHRICK, Kenneth "Eddie"
UHRICK, LavinaABT 1846
UHRICK, Marion W.1 MAY 1895OCT 1975
UHRICK, Mary F.24 NOV 1902
UHRICK, Mildred16 AUG 1913
UHRICK, MinnieABT 1900
UHRICK, Nila Christine13 AUG 192620 FEB 1995
UHRICK, OliaABT 1892
UHRICK, Rosamond
UHRICK, Rosamond19 JAN 1927
UHRICK, SamuelDEC 1849
UHRICK, Samuel C.24 JAN 1899
UHRICK, SarahABT 1843
UHRICK, William H.30 OCT 1906
UHRICK, ZellaABT 1896

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