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40 Individuals with the UHLMANN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UHLMANN, Anna Maria.. 159811 MAR 1668
UHLMANN, Anya Leticia26 Jul 1973
UHLMANN, Carl Friedrich18431927
UHLMANN, Carl Gottlob1779__.__1859
UHLMANN, Carl Heinrich1815
UHLMANN, Caro1953
UHLMANN, ChristinaABT 1535
UHLMANN, Christoph22 JAN 178627 APR 1852
UHLMANN, ClementABT 1470ABT 1546
UHLMANN, Emily1985
UHLMANN, Georg, Bg de Riquewihr
UHLMANN, HanßABT 16801758
UHLMANN, Hans17 FEB 16061691
UHLMANN, Hugo18591921
UHLMANN, Jacques
UHLMANN, James Paul1992
UHLMANN, Johann ChristophABT 171321 DEC 1789
UHLMANN, Johann Christoph7 JUN 17502 JUL 1819
UHLMANN, Johanna Christiana24 AUG 181513 OCT 1879
UHLMANN, Johanne Rosina19 APR 17783 OCT 1837
UHLMANN, John Weil14 Oct 1944
UHLMANN, Katherine Elizabeth "Kate"6 Jun 1974
UHLMANN, Lauren1983
UHLMANN, Lexington Patrick "Lex"2 Nov 1988
UHLMANN, Maria SophiaABT 1770
UHLMANN, Marie8 APR 1944
UHLMANN, Marie Rosine6 JAN 174010 MAR 1813
UHLMANN, Megan "Meg"12 Aug 1977
UHLMANN, NickelABT 15661639
UHLMANN, Patricia Weil "Trish"13 Apr 194118 Oct 2003
UHLMANN, Paul17 Sep 1884Jun 1969
UHLMANN, PaulABT 1500ABT 1557
UHLMANN, Paul1950
UHLMANN, Paul14 Nov 1920
UHLMANN, R. Hugh "Pat"17 Mar 19167 Jan 1996
UHLMANN, Robert20 Sep 1949
UHLMANN, Rosa1900
UHLMANN, Rosina17 SEP 17465 SEP 1810
UHLMANN, Samuel Weil "Sam"6 Sep 1991
UHLMANN, Sophia15 JAN 16441717

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