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31 Individuals with the UHL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
UHL, BerthaABT 1880/1900ABT 1901/1984
UHL, Brian David
UHL, Cara McKenna Cannon14 MAR 2003
UHL, Carolyn Ann21 OCT 1964
UHL, ClarkABT 1942
UHL, Doris16 DEC 1916
UHL, Eric Stanley
UHL, Frederick S.
UHL, Frederick S.25 FEB 1833
UHL, Harvey
UHL, Helen1953
UHL, James Caleb Cannon14 FEB 2000
UHL, James Russell23 JUL 1946
UHL, John25 NOV 1826
UHL, John Connor Cannon15 APR 1998
UHL, Julie
UHL, Kyle Stanley
UHL, Lawrence27 JAN 1909NOV 1971
UHL, Living
UHL, Magdalena3 Jun 17191 Jan 1786
UHL, Marjorie Romana09 DEC 190208 MAY 1989
UHL, Marjorie Romana09 DEC 190208 MAY 1989
UHL, Paul Christian
UHL, Perry
UHL, Richard
UHL, Robert W.
UHL, Ryan Stanley
UHL, Sarah
UHL, Seymour H.ABT 1863
UHL, Shirley
UHL, Susanne17 MAR 1971

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