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33 Individuals with the TOLES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TOLES, Arabella Ann1843
TOLES, Barsheba1796AFT 1850
TOLES, Charles Denney04 APR 1986
TOLES, Charles Max15 JUL 1957
TOLES, David AlexanderPrivate
TOLES, Edward
TOLES, Edward
TOLES, Eugene
TOLES, Eugene
TOLES, Frances1798
TOLES, Hannah1798
TOLES, Isabella Emaline18281916
TOLES, James LewisDec 1819AFT 1880
TOLES, James Lewis Jr1792ABT 1852
TOLES, James Lewis SrABT 17505 May 1811
TOLES, John William26 Apr 18751902
TOLES, Julius William1848
TOLES, Lewis
TOLES, Martha18221892
TOLES, Mary1800
TOLES, Nancy182216 DEC 1901
TOLES, Rebecca1803AFT 1870
TOLES, Rebekah Lou
TOLES, Richard L.Private
TOLES, Sarah Arminta24 Mar 1845
TOLES, Southard
TOLES, Suddeth
TOLES, Tyler Weekly11 DEC 1991
TOLES, William Edward10 Jan 187210 Aug 1931
TOLES, William Henry4 Jul 185120 Dec 1902
TOLES, William Southard1829

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