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29 Individuals with the TOBY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TOBY, Alice Henrietta3 FEB 187623 JUL 1940
TOBY, Amanda
TOBY, Arthur
TOBY, Arthur Ray1 AUG 18845 MAY 1949
TOBY, Charles Abraham29 SEP 189527 OCT 1951
TOBY, Edward Mark6 MAY 1843
TOBY, Ephraim
TOBY, George Edgar15 NOV 188926 JUL 1962
TOBY, George Washington1817FEB 1850
TOBY, George Washington7 JUN 185031 AUG 1939
TOBY, Gladys
TOBY, Inez
TOBY, Lillie Mae11 MAR 18823 JUL 1964
TOBY, Lucy12 APR 183924 MAY 1932
TOBY, Mabel Opal9 FEB 190527 MAY 1997
TOBY, Maria Therrisia2 OCT 1847
TOBY, Mattie Amy15 NOV 189219 APR 1969
TOBY, Maud Edith20 JUL 18876 SEP 1964
TOBY, Nancy Lucinda25 OCT 184418 MAY 1919
TOBY, Nina Odessa9 FEB 190030 NOV 1978
TOBY, Pinkie Ethel26 APR 189826 JUN 1970
TOBY, Polly M.
TOBY, William Henry
TOBY, William Henry
TOBY, Zacheus
TOBY, 1847

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