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39 Individuals with the THOMASEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
THOMASEN, Anders4 Jan 1801
THOMASEN, AndersABT 16501709
THOMASEN, Ane1798Aft 1870
THOMASEN, Ane27 JUN 187914 DEC 1886
THOMASEN, Ane Cathrine10 AUG 187612 APR
THOMASEN, Anna Margrethe28 MAY 1908
THOMASEN, Anne167730 JAN 1721
THOMASEN, Bodil Marie16 JUL 18631941
THOMASEN, Gudrun Margrethe15 JAN 1921
THOMASEN, Hans17291771/1782
THOMASEN, HansBEF. 1780ABT. 1807
THOMASEN, Ingeborg2 AUG 175726 JUN 1788
THOMASEN, Jacob17591839
THOMASEN, Jep1732AFT. 1787
THOMASEN, Kirsten9 Mar 166211 Jan 1733
THOMASEN, Kirsten20 Feb 18037 Feb 1872
THOMASEN, KjeldBET 1625 AND 1630BEF 1688
THOMASEN, LarsABT. 1752AFT. 1801
THOMASEN, Lars Reinhard10 NOV 1958
THOMASEN, Maren1729/1730
THOMASEN, Margrethe (Or Ane)19 Jun 1796
THOMASEN, Mariane16 OCT 186727 JUL 1953
THOMASEN, Martinus24 FEB 1884MAR 1965
THOMASEN, MetteAbt 173917 Dec 1810
THOMASEN, Mogens13 MAY 188130 OCT 1924
THOMASEN, Mogens19 JUN 184221 AUG 1911
THOMASEN, Niels24 FEB 1865
THOMASEN, Niels19 JUN 176829 MAY 1845
THOMASEN, Niels19 JUN 176829 MAY 1845
THOMASEN, Niels Peter(Storvorde)
THOMASEN, Nikoline
THOMASEN, Ole21 MAY 1872ABT 1959
THOMASEN, PoulABT. 17051760
THOMASEN, Sidsel Marie8 DEC 186926 DEC 1908
THOMASEN, Soren1 Jun 1808

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