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24 Individuals with the TEUFEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TEUFEL, Anna29 SEP 159820 APR 1664
TEUFEL, Antoinette Amalie5 NOV 18638 AUG 1947
TEUFEL, Caroline Josephine15 MAY 1870
TEUFEL, Casper
TEUFEL, Christina1585
TEUFEL, ElisabethABT 16574 JAN 1721
TEUFEL, EndrisABT 151919 JUN 1599
TEUFEL, Florence Catharine29 SEP 18861 AUG 1970
TEUFEL, Francis
TEUFEL, Jerg11 APR 157315 OCT 1623
TEUFEL, Joseph12 FEB 1904
TEUFEL, Juliane Sophia
TEUFEL, Margaretha
TEUFEL, Marion Elizabeth17 AUG 189611 JAN 1983
TEUFEL, MichaelABT 1557
TEUFEL, Nicholas24 NOV 1860
TEUFEL, Rose Mary8 NOV 188328 JUL 1968
TEUFEL, Severin
TEUFEL, Severin21 OCT 18213 AUG 1876
TEUFEL, SeverinSEP 18581920
TEUFEL, Walter
TEUFEL, Walter Casper6 SEP 1890

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