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136 Individuals with the TEFFT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TEFFT, Abigail24 DEC 1730
TEFFT, Ann28 SEP 1711
TEFFT, Benjamin
TEFFT, Caleb11 OCT 174331 DEC 1833
TEFFT, Danny
TEFFT, David19 APR 1760
TEFFT, David Ward1 MAR 1978
TEFFT, Deborah18 MAY 1739
TEFFT, Deliverance19 AUG 1722
TEFFT, Deliverance
TEFFT, Edith Elizabeth20 JUN 1916MAY 1986
TEFFT, Elizabeth10 FEB 1720/2120 JUN 1752
TEFFT, Elizabeth29 SEP 1687
TEFFT, Elizabeth10 FEB 1743/44
TEFFT, Elizabeth1730
TEFFT, Elizabeth29 Sep 16871750
TEFFT, ElizabethAbt 1677
TEFFT, Elizabeth
TEFFT, Elizabeth
TEFFT, Esther
TEFFT, Esther
TEFFT, EstherAbt 1658Aft 1726
TEFFT, Freelove
TEFFT, FreeloveAbt 175731 Jan 1841
TEFFT, George Vernon10 OCT 19132 OCT 1976
TEFFT, Harold
TEFFT, Hezekiah16 DEC 1753
TEFFT, Isabel14 MAR 1745/4619 DEC 1833
TEFFT, James
TEFFT, James21 APR 17151758
TEFFT, James , Jr.
TEFFT, JennieABT 1866ABT 1935
TEFFT, Jeremiah29 MAY 1747
TEFFT, Joanna17011752
TEFFT, John18 MAY 1767
TEFFT, John167521 JUN 1762
TEFFT, John4 DEC 16991767
TEFFT, John24 MAR 1756
TEFFT, John161026 JAN 1675/76
TEFFT, John9 MAR 1728/29
TEFFT, John161426 JAN 1676
TEFFT, JohnAbt 161426 Jan 1676
TEFFT, John1676
TEFFT, John167621 Jan 1762
TEFFT, John161426 JAN 1676
TEFFT, Jonathan29 APR 17271783
TEFFT, Joseph8 JAN 1709/10
TEFFT, Joseph
TEFFT, Joshua164618 Jan 1676
TEFFT, Justin
TEFFT, Keziah6 Apr 1774
TEFFT, Martha
TEFFT, Mary13 MAR 1766
TEFFT, Mary2 APR 1769
TEFFT, Mary17053 SEP 1782
TEFFT, Mary2 MAY 1758
TEFFT, Mary28 JAN 1731/32
TEFFT, Mary1705
TEFFT, Mary1658
TEFFT, Mary1705
TEFFT, Mary A.ABT. 1852
TEFFT, Mehitable12 FEB 1717/18
TEFFT, Mehitable3 AUG 1742
TEFFT, Mercy21 APR 171525 MAR 1781
TEFFT, Mercy14 DEC 17491837
TEFFT, Mercy9 AUG 1696
TEFFT, Mercy24 APR 1753
TEFFT, Mercy9 Aug 1696
TEFFT, Meriam16 JAN 1748/49
TEFFT, Miranda
TEFFT, MissAbt 1640
TEFFT, Morgan
TEFFT, Mrs. Ann1600
TEFFT, Mrs. Ann1600
TEFFT, Nancy13 DEC 1725
TEFFT, Nathan14 MAR 1716/173 APR 1789
TEFFT, Nathan28 AUG 175218 SEP 1828
TEFFT, Pardon27 JAN 1755
TEFFT, Pardon
TEFFT, Patience21 APR 1737
TEFFT, Peter19 FEB 1677/781725
TEFFT, Peter19 Feb 16781725
TEFFT, Robert25 MAY 1732
TEFFT, Robert8 NOV 1911MAY 1966
TEFFT, Ronald
TEFFT, Ruth1735
TEFFT, Samuel17031796
TEFFT, Samuel164420 DEC 1725
TEFFT, Samuel168514 JUL 1760
TEFFT, Samuel
TEFFT, Samuel
TEFFT, SamuelAbt 164420 Dec 1725
TEFFT, Samuel168514 Jul 1760
TEFFT, Samuel
TEFFT, Samuel
TEFFT, Samuel Grant1 MAR 1978
TEFFT, Sarah1724
TEFFT, Sarah14 AUG 1762
TEFFT, Sarah
TEFFT, Sarah27 APR 1725
TEFFT, Sarah
TEFFT, Sarah25 Mar 16681719/1720
TEFFT, Sarah
TEFFT, Sarah Grace6 JUL 1976
TEFFT, Sarah Henrietta9-AUG-19032-DEC-1964
TEFFT, Silas C.12 MAR 1794
TEFFT, Solomon
TEFFT, Solomon19 Feb 16781750
TEFFT, Stanton9 JUL 174428 JUL 1811
TEFFT, Susannah
TEFFT, Susannah1690
TEFFT, Tabitha
TEFFT, Tabitha172210 APR 1796
TEFFT, Tabitha
TEFFT, Tabitha1652/16531722
TEFFT, TabithaAbt 1680
TEFFT, Tabitha Bethiah16521722
TEFFT, Tabitha Bethiah16521722
TEFFT, Tennant29 SEP 17203 MAR 1801
TEFFT, Thankful21 MAR 175718 NOV 1822
TEFFT, Thomas
TEFFT, Thomas
TEFFT, ThomasAbt 16561726
TEFFT, Van Rensselaer
TEFFT, Welcome Silas29 DEC 1830
TEFFT, William29 FEB 1731/3228 NOV 1822
TEFFT, William21 MAY 1763
TEFFT, William
TEFFT, William16001648
TEFFT, WilliamAbt 1600Abt 1648
TEFFT, William16001648

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