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26 Individuals with the TANGHE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TANGHE, Barbara23 FEB 1783
TANGHE, Barbara Theresia2 DEC 1735
TANGHE, Bernardus27 OCT 1778
TANGHE, Coleta29 JAN 1793
TANGHE, Cornelius23 SEP 17453 JUN 1811
TANGHE, Franciscus5 MAR 1777
TANGHE, Isabella Clara22 JUL 173230 MAY 1796
TANGHE, Isabella Theresia7 DEC 177127 MAR 1814
TANGHE, Jacobus29 MAR 1787
TANGHE, Jan15954 MAY 1649
TANGHE, Jan5 MAY 1796
TANGHE, JoannaABT 16205 JUL 1667
TANGHE, Joanna Theresia24 JAN 1848
TANGHE, JosephABT 1748
TANGHE, Josephus14 OCT 1789
TANGHE, Maria4 MAY 1787
TANGHE, Maria Catherina9 JUL 17374 JUN 1740
TANGHE, Maria Joanna15 MAR 1734
TANGHE, Martinus11 NOV 1785
TANGHE, Petronilla Clara4 MAY 173910 JAN 1778
TANGHE, Petrus Jacobus23 JAN 1781
TANGHE, Petrus Jacobus4 MAR 17317 MAR 1731
TANGHE, Petrus Josephus29 AUG 1774
TANGHE, Pieter26 MAR 17811 APR 1837
TANGHE, Scholastica11 AUG 1784
TANGHE, Sophia4 MAY 1783

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