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28 Individuals with the TANCOCK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TANCOCK, Charles1892
TANCOCK, Charles GeorgeBET JUL 1862 AND SEP
TANCOCK, Charles George1863
TANCOCK, Charlotte16 Dec 1827
TANCOCK, Edith PhyllisDec 18921892
TANCOCK, Eliza29 Apr 1832
TANCOCK, Elizabeth1838
TANCOCK, Elizabeth1838
TANCOCK, Elsie1898
TANCOCK, Emma12 Jun 1836
TANCOCK, Ernest John9 Apr 18946 Feb 1950
TANCOCK, Ethel Alice MaryDec 1889
TANCOCK, Gladys Louisa1885
TANCOCK, Gladys LouisaNov 1890
TANCOCK, Ithel Alice May1890
TANCOCK, Jessica1948
TANCOCK, John17 Jun 1821
TANCOCK, Marianne30 Mar 1823
TANCOCK, Mary AnnABT 1828
TANCOCK, Samuel17 May 1829
TANCOCK, Thomas9 Feb 1834
TANCOCK, William18251871
TANCOCK, William1825Bef 1881
TANCOCK, William Henry1847
TANCOCK, William Henry1847

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