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30 Individuals with the TAMER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TAMER, AnthonyPrivate
TAMER, AnthonyWFT Est 1848-1877WFT Est 1902-1962
TAMER, Anthony Martin12 Jan 19388 Mar 1978
TAMER, Beatrice AnnPrivate
TAMER, Deborah AnnPrivate
TAMER, FrederickPrivate
TAMER, Frederick AdamPrivate
TAMER, Gregory Thomas15 May 195115 May 1951
TAMER, James CharlesPrivate
TAMER, James CharlesPrivate
TAMER, JosephPrivate
TAMER, Joseph Michael15 Dec 192625 Sep 1967
TAMER, Joseph Thomas8 Dec 189912 Aug 1982
TAMER, Kathryn MaryPrivate
TAMER, Kristyne ElizabethPrivate
TAMER, Laura LouisePrivate
TAMER, Margaret M.Private
TAMER, MariannePrivate
TAMER, Marlyn T.Private
TAMER, Marsha A.Private
TAMER, Marta P.Private
TAMER, Michael V.Private
TAMER, MichellePrivate
TAMER, MichellePrivate
TAMER, Mona L.Private
TAMER, Norbert GeorgePrivate
TAMER, RobertPrivate
TAMER, Sarah ElizabethPrivate
TAMER, Steven G.Private
TAMER, SybillePrivate

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