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39 Individuals with the TAELEMANS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TAELEMANS, Anna17 JUN 1751
TAELEMANS, Anna Catharina25 FEB 1785
TAELEMANS, Anna Catharina3 JAN 182631 OCT 1892
TAELEMANS, Anna Catharina Adolphina3 DEC 1917AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Anna MariaAFT 1842
TAELEMANS, Catharina18 NOV 1889
TAELEMANS, Catharina19 JUL 1912AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Edmond23 SEP 1924AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, EgidiusBEF 1794
TAELEMANS, Elisabeth11 DEC 1771
TAELEMANS, Franciscus20 APR 1888AFT 1922
TAELEMANS, Georgius16 JAN 1921AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Gerard16 MAY 1765
TAELEMANS, Henri21 MAY 1764
TAELEMANS, IsidoreABT 1887AFT 1916
TAELEMANS, Jean Baptist5 AUG 1769
TAELEMANS, Jean Francois17 AUG 177422 MAR 1775
TAELEMANS, Jeannetta11 JUL 1923AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Joannes31 JAN 1930AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Joannes Franciscus22 MAR 177721 DEC 1835
TAELEMANS, Joannes Franciscus21 JUN 1823
TAELEMANS, Judocus10 JUL 1821AFT 1869
TAELEMANS, Judocus7 OCT 1881AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Justina24 DEC 19185 APR 1919
TAELEMANS, Louis13 SEP 1916AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Ludovicus13 OCT 1849AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Marc Georges Bert
TAELEMANS, Maria13 JUN 1914AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Maria Anna8 MAR 1784
TAELEMANS, Maria Martha Wivina13 SEP 192613 OCT 1926
TAELEMANS, Paulina12 MAY 1893AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Petrus Rene11 JAN 1920AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Pierre10 FEB 1767
TAELEMANS, RosaliaABT 1843AFT 1904
TAELEMANS, Victor22 AUG 1884AFT 1930
TAELEMANS, Virgina8 AUG 18607 JAN 1883

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