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38 Individuals with the TADE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TADE, Alta8 AUG 1907
TADE, Annie16 MAY 1909
TADE, Benett12 AUG 1858
TADE, CatherineABT 1834
TADE, Celia HannahABT 1799
TADE, Charles Sidney21 JUN 1919
TADE, Elijah "Roddy"12 SEP 18773 JAN 1956
TADE, Florian10 AUG 191030 AUG 1975
TADE, GeorgieNOV 1892
TADE, Hubert12 AUG 190628 JUN 1958
TADE, J E16 APR 190016 APR 1900
TADE, James BABT 1855
TADE, Jesse Leon1901
TADE, John C1 AUG 18631929
TADE, John Frank5 JAN 1912
TADE, John ThomasABT 18409 JUN 1864
TADE, LenaOCT 1890
TADE, M A3 MAY 190110 SEP 1902
TADE, Mary A1850
TADE, Mary MOCT 1894
TADE, Nancy M27 OCT 1852
TADE, Nora ASEP 1896
TADE, Onie8 OCT 1882
TADE, Onie May31 JAN 1907
TADE, Palo27 APR 188127 JAN 1908
TADE, Palo2 MAR 191525 OCT 1961
TADE, Polly180116 APR 1877
TADE, Rachel JABT 1836
TADE, Robert B26 FEB 1906
TADE, Sarah EABT 1846
TADE, Tina Mae (Ruth)6 JAN 1918
TADE, Uyless Barlow7 JUL 188524 SEP 1931
TADE, Vera Laverne1903
TADE, Walter (Buck)7 JUN 190820 AUG 1944
TADE, WilliamABT 1814
TADE, William "David"31 MAR 186115 APR 1939
TADE, William David9 DEC 191331 JAN 1969

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