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98 Individuals with the SPRAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SPRAY, Abagail3 Apr 1867Deceased
SPRAY, Abagail26 Jun 18185 Dec 1869
SPRAY, Abner20 Feb 1761Deceased
SPRAY, Anne1593
SPRAY, Anne1593
SPRAY, Anne1593
SPRAY, Archie B7 Oct 19112 Aug 1972
SPRAY, Barnet182813 Dec 1862
SPRAY, Benjamin179011 Aug 1834
SPRAY, Benjamin Bolser19 Jul 18861920
SPRAY, Benjamin Franklin21 May 185718 Nov 1906
SPRAY, Carce E.Jan 1887Deceased
SPRAY, Charles
SPRAY, ChristopherABT. 16721736
SPRAY, Eddie C.May 1896Deceased
SPRAY, Edith13 AUG 1897
SPRAY, Elias H18041850
SPRAY, ElizabethDeceased
SPRAY, Elizabeth13 Nov 1865Deceased
SPRAY, ElizabethABT 1837
SPRAY, Elizabeth21 Feb 1791Deceased
SPRAY, Elmer24 AUG 1895
SPRAY, Elta Mae16 Feb 1927
SPRAY, Elta Mae16 Feb 1927
SPRAY, George Alfred30 Apr 192830 Jan 1995
SPRAY, George L26 Aug 1901Jan 1973
SPRAY, George Patrick28 Feb 1876Deceased
SPRAY, George W182712 Jul 1880
SPRAY, George W.ABT 1839
SPRAY, Gerald Patrick9 May 19558 Nov 1993
SPRAY, Grant
SPRAY, Hannah18 Feb 1763Deceased
SPRAY, Hannah1728
SPRAY, Hannah Rosetta4 Mar 1880Deceased
SPRAY, Henry E3 May 1906Mar 1988
SPRAY, Henry M.ABT 1841
SPRAY, Isabell1859Deceased
SPRAY, Jackie
SPRAY, JacksonABT 1787
SPRAY, Jacob H16 Jul 188212 Dec 1961
SPRAY, James1725Deceased
SPRAY, James18225 Feb 1850
SPRAY, James13 Dec 180724 Dec 1860
SPRAY, James14 Jan 176512 Feb 1836
SPRAY, James Floyd6 Aug 190615 Sep 1950
SPRAY, James K. P.ABT 1846
SPRAY, James M.30 Dec 18401 Jul 1884
SPRAY, James M.ABT 1829
SPRAY, JaneDeceased
SPRAY, Jesse23 Dec 17541835
SPRAY, JohnABT 1817
SPRAY, John Corbett16 Dec 187115 Feb 1909
SPRAY, John Lewis4 Nov 193126 Apr 1997
SPRAY, John Milton4 Jan 186322 Feb 1938
SPRAY, John R.Jul 1884Deceased
SPRAY, John W.ABT 1844
SPRAY, Katherine E10 Sep 1890Deceased
SPRAY, LouisFeb 1900Deceased
SPRAY, LucyABT 1787
SPRAY, Martha10 Jan 1873Deceased
SPRAY, MarthaABT 1826
SPRAY, Martha Ellen28 Mar 1894Deceased
SPRAY, Mary20 Apr 17896 May 1862
SPRAY, Mary1815Deceased
SPRAY, MaryDeceased
SPRAY, MaryABT 1819
SPRAY, Mary Catherine
SPRAY, Mary Catherine
SPRAY, Mary E.ABT 1849
SPRAY, Minnie Lee11 APR 18868 APR 1968
SPRAY, Mordecai3 Feb 1767Deceased
SPRAY, Murl1 APR 1901
SPRAY, NancyABT 1818
SPRAY, Naomi1829Deceased
SPRAY, Noah B28 Oct 18244 Jun 1864
SPRAY, PhebeDeceased
SPRAY, RebeccaDeceased
SPRAY, Rebeccah20 Oct 17931855
SPRAY, Roger Allen15 Mar 194517 Mar 1945
SPRAY, Ronald David8 Aug 194126 Oct 1979
SPRAY, Rosetta M.Feb 1892Deceased
SPRAY, Samuel23 Mar 175820 Mar 1836
SPRAY, Sarah27 Sep 1870Deceased
SPRAY, Sarah K.10 Feb 188825 Jan 1975
SPRAY, Thomas4 Jun 1777
SPRAY, Thomas26 Dec 1768Deceased
SPRAY, Thomas1796Deceased
SPRAY, Toni Michele25 Jun 1954
SPRAY, Walter G.14 Sep 18908 Jan 1966
SPRAY, Walter G.14 Sep 18908 Jan 1966
SPRAY, William17 Dec 1771Deceased
SPRAY, William1797Deceased
SPRAY, William B.May 1890Deceased

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