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22 Individuals with the SACHSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SACHSE, Amanda Wendy16 Jul 1973
SACHSE, Brendan Shane21 Nov 1984
SACHSE, Carl Arthur5 Dec 1889
SACHSE, Carl Ernst Lawrence25 Nov 1912
SACHSE, Caroline Jane12 Jun 1967
SACHSE, Christine Ann4 Nov 1968
SACHSE, Dennis George12 Apr 1952
SACHSE, Friedrich Christoph
SACHSE, George Arthur9 Jan 191629 Sep 1916
SACHSE, Heinrich Ernst
SACHSE, Jarrod Robin28 Sep 1993
SACHSE, Jennifer Ann26 Sep 1946
SACHSE, John Lawrence30 Oct 194731 Jul 1970
SACHSE, Katherine Jade19 Jan 1990
SACHSE, Marie Sophie Luise20 JAN 1880
SACHSE, Matthew John1 Jan 1982
SACHSE, Peter James24 Sep 1950
SACHSE, Rebecca Louise6 Jun 1984
SACHSE, Rex Barry4 Mar 1945
SACHSE, Robin William7 Aug 1949
SACHSE, Ruth Amanda
SACHSE, Tonya Lee2 Jul 1970

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