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83 Individuals with the RAE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RAE, ABBY22 AUG 1980
RAE, Agnes Ethel
RAE, Agnes Hamilton27 JAN 18585 JUL 1933
RAE, Alan Scott
RAE, Alexander
RAE, Alexander
RAE, Alexander
RAE, AnnBEF 1789
RAE, Ann17931861
RAE, AnnBEF 1789
RAE, AnnisABT 1889ABT 1946
RAE, ArchibaldABT 1831
RAE, Archibald Alistair6 FEB 18900 JUN 1972
RAE, Arthur McLean1 MAY 18861971
RAE, Belle Phyllis16 JAN 19152 MAR 2000
RAE, Bradley Wayne
RAE, Brianna Nicole
RAE, Bruce Andrew
RAE, Bryan
RAE, Carlton Rae21 OCT 1960
RAE, Caroline4 DEC 183211 JAN 1917
RAE, Caroline4 DEC 183211 JAN 1917
RAE, Casey Alexandra
RAE, Cassidy14 MAR 2002
RAE, Charlotte12 Dec 1947
RAE, Daniel
RAE, Donna Jean
RAE, Doris Leah
RAE, Elizabeth14 DEC 1711
RAE, Elizabeth18361928
RAE, ElizabethABT 1721
RAE, Etta
RAE, Eunice Fern20 OCT 19191 MAY 1992
RAE, Frank David
RAE, Gary
RAE, George
RAE, George
RAE, Gordon F
RAE, Helen Bell30 MAY 18563 MAY 1945
RAE, Jana
RAE, Janet9 NOV 182414 JUN 1906
RAE, Jemima
RAE, JessieAbt 18771948
RAE, John
RAE, John J21 Aug 190617 Sep 1978
RAE, Kathleen
RAE, Kathleen Mary Rose2 Feb 193526 Jun 1978
RAE, Lillas
RAE, Living
RAE, Margaret18299 AUG 1860
RAE, Margaret Janet23 APR 186728 MAR 1945
RAE, Mary Ann Elizabeth18 MAR 18691968
RAE, Mary Jane (Jennie)30 DEC 185611 DEC 1925
RAE, Merlin Hamilton27 APR 190124 SEP 1916
RAE, Milton Rae1 SEP 1962
RAE, Neena Emma
RAE, Patty
RAE, Patty
RAE, Rachel Jane31 MAY 18716 JUN 1945
RAE, Robenia Vida
RAE, Robert
RAE, Robert180328 JUN 1832
RAE, Robert16 NOV 182625 MAR 1912
RAE, Robert29 AUG 190210 SEP 1903
RAE, Robert
RAE, Robert
RAE, Robert Allan28 NOV 185922 FEB 1928
RAE, Robert Dalton1 JUL 188413 MAY 1898
RAE, Robert Edward
RAE, Sarah
RAE, Sharon Maree
RAE, Sheila11 Aug 192114 Mar 1999
RAE, Thomas
RAE, Victoria
RAE, Walter28 APR 1887
RAE, William Allen28 OCT 18821942
RAE, William Archibald3 MAY 18755 MAY 1943
RAE, William Muir
RAE, William Stephenson24 JUN 190415 FEB 1905
RAE, William T.6 Apr 1916

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