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24 Individuals with the RABIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RABIE, Anna Susanna
RABIE, Catharina1760
RABIE, Christiaan1700
RABIE, Christiaan1730
RABIE, Christiaan1753
RABIE, Cornelia Dorothea1786
RABIE, Frederik Jacobus1792
RABIE, Geertruy1756
RABIE, Hendrik Hermanus1798
RABIE, Hendrina Jacoba1802
RABIE, Jan Bastiaan1763
RABIE, Jan Bastiaan1790
RABIE, Jan Bastiaan1762
RABIE, Jan Bastiaan1732
RABIE, Johannes1755
RABIE, Johannes
RABIE, Margaretha1758
RABIE, Margaretha Johanna1795
RABIE, Maria Magdalena1727
RABIE, Maria Magdalena1766
RABIE, Marie-Albertine8 JAN 188821 FEB 1978
RABIE, Susanna Catharina1728
RABIE, Zacharia Geertruy1788

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