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32 Individuals with the RABBITO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RABBITO, Antonina4 Oct 1825
RABBITO, Antonina9 Nov 1859
RABBITO, Antonino12 Feb 1865
RABBITO, Antonino10 Nov 178413 Aug 1862
RABBITO, AntoninoAbt 173119 Jan 1791
RABBITO, AntoninoAbt 178623 Dec 1851
RABBITO, Calogero
RABBITO, CalogeroAbt 181821 Jan 1861
RABBITO, Castrenze7 Oct 1835
RABBITO, Castrenze7 Oct 1835
RABBITO, CaterinaAbt 178017 May 1842
RABBITO, Filippo
RABBITO, FrancescaAbt 17849 Jul 1829
RABBITO, GaspareAbt 18006 Nov 1850
RABBITO, Gaspare10 Sep 1855
RABBITO, Gianbattista29 Jul 18582 Jul 1859
RABBITO, Giovanni8 Jan 1824
RABBITO, Giuseppe26 Sep 1824
RABBITO, Giuseppe19 Mar 1820
RABBITO, GiuseppeAbt 175523 Apr 1827
RABBITO, Giuseppe15 Apr 1860
RABBITO, Leonarda5 May 1857
RABBITO, Luca Simone19 Aug 1788
RABBITO, Maria8 Jan 1824
RABBITO, Maria5 May 1865
RABBITO, MariannaAbt 1820
RABBITO, Marianna5 Jun 1862
RABBITO, Nicolina20 Jan 1815
RABBITO, Paolo26 Apr 1822
RABBITO, Salvatore13 Sep 185118 May 1854
RABBITO, Santa2 Jan 185429 Nov 1854
RABBITO, Santa9 Jan 1863

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